• friendship

    The Evolution of Friendship

    People are social by nature. We’ve developed societies due to our ability to communicate. It’s no surprise that we seek each other for comfort. Our complex relationships with one another are what make humanity into [Read More]
  • Image from Pepsi Ad

    How Pepsi F*cked Up

    It’s been a couple days since Pepsi released the commercial which set the internet on fire with its blatant non-understanding of present-day racial and police issues communities of color are dealing with. Some would say it [Read More]
  • soulmate

    The Truth About Finding Your Soulmate

    A lot is misunderstood about the concept of soulmates. People seem to place an unreasonable emphasis on finding their soulmate. It’s a constant theme that people have a difficult time finding their soulmate and some [Read More]
give up

When is it okay to give up on certain people?

January 23, 2017 0

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t like the idea of giving up on others. I find myself giving people the benefit of the doubt and believing that people are fully capable of [Read More]


Anonymous Love Letter Pt 2 | Guest Post

April 4, 2016 0

Dear Daniel, Every time we talk you grow more and more. Your wisdom and kindness bleeds through your heart. If only everyone could experience your soul as I have. One day they will, I know it. The last letter I [Read More]


Reggae: The music for the Soul

March 1, 2016 1

Reggae has influenced cultures all over the world for over 50 years now. The beauty of the music goes far beyond the lyrics and sounds but the expressionism behind the genre. Musicians of the Reggae create a sounds that purifies [Read More]

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Christopher Martinez

Interviewing Spoken Word Poet Christopher Martinez

December 23, 2016 0
Christopher Martinez (also known as Rooster) is a San Antonio based spoken word poet whose most recent video, “An Untitled Brown Poem” resonated with our staff members. Christopher’s poem is powerful and insightful. He shares his [Read More]
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