• friendship

    The Evolution of Friendship

    People are social by nature. We’ve developed societies due to our ability to communicate. It’s no surprise that we seek each other for comfort. Our complex relationships with one another are what make humanity into [Read More]
  • Image from Pepsi Ad

    How Pepsi F*cked Up

    It’s been a couple days since Pepsi released the commercial which set the internet on fire with its blatant non-understanding of present-day racial and police issues communities of color are dealing with. Some would say it [Read More]
  • soulmate

    The Truth About Finding Your Soulmate

    A lot is misunderstood about the concept of soulmates. People seem to place an unreasonable emphasis on finding their soulmate. It’s a constant theme that people have a difficult time finding their soulmate and some [Read More]

Can Failure Be Beneficial?

January 9, 2017 0

Failure happens to all of us. Failing is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be your entire life. Failing can lead you to be a step closer to being successful. All successful people failed at one point. [Read More]


Road To Success Series: Habits For Success

November 28, 2016 0

It is important to evaluate your daily habits if you want to create an environment of success for yourself. You can start by changing known bad habits you may have such as drinking too much alcohol and pressing snooze too [Read More]


Why a life without a goal is miserable living

February 21, 2016 1

Right now at this very second, what is your goal in life? What is that one thing you’re working towards to achieve? Do you want to finish school? Maybe get a promotion at work? It’s important to always know what [Read More]


What it Takes to Become an Author

May 12, 2016 0

The more I emerge myself into the writing world, the more I see this topic of conversation come up. Being an author is a very interesting path. You meet hundreds of individuals who one day hope to share their work with [Read More]

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Christopher Martinez

Interviewing Spoken Word Poet Christopher Martinez

December 23, 2016 0
Christopher Martinez (also known as Rooster) is a San Antonio based spoken word poet whose most recent video, “An Untitled Brown Poem” resonated with our staff members. Christopher’s poem is powerful and insightful. He shares his [Read More]
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