6 Books That Changed My Life


Books exist to help us grow our perspective and improve aspects of our imagination. We do ourselves a disservice when we stop reading. There are so many beautiful books out there that we can learn from and apply towards our own lives, but if we never read them then we aren’t giving ourselves the opportunity to grow. Although it is hard to find those hidden gems in the vast literary library, I’ve compounded a list to make it easier for you to find those life-changing books/novels.

3The Harry Potter series isn’t just about wizards and magic. If you look at the books in a full spectrum you’ll notice that these novels build imagination and creativity. They push the boundaries of everything we’re taught and help us think outside of the box. When I was a kid I really enjoyed these books, but as an adult I truly respect what J.K. Rowling provided for us. The way J.K. was able to create these imaginary worlds in our minds as if they were part of our day-to-day lives was truly incredible. Her books have inspired millions of people around the world, and they will stand the test of time as one of the most captivating series of our generation.




1999475I received this book shortly after I graduated high school in 2010. I read it once, but I didn’t grasp the message behind the words at the time. I was getting ready to go to college to begin my life, but I was more focused on the experiences that came with college instead of focusing on my career or my path. When I was finally done bullshitting, I started scrambling to try to find my path, and I picked the book up again. This time around it was everything I needed in order to push me in the right direction. After writing a successful memoir, Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller got big-headed and couldn’t write another book that would top his first success. It consumed him until he finally let go of the things that ate him up at night and simply started to live his life the way he was meant to. He went on an interesting journey trying to find his real purpose in life by meeting people from all over the world who dedicate their lives to making a difference in the world in their own special way.

865I only read this book about a month ago, and it completely changed my perspective on life. I normally don’t read much fiction because I personally have a hard time making a connection with fictional characters or stories. However, from the moment the book begins, it becomes captivating and enticing because it is based on a true life experience that can be applied to any person’s life. Everything reflected in the Alchemist relates to an individual’s path in setting out to search for his/her true purpose in this life. Paulo Coelho does a magnificent job in expressing his character’s pain, passion, comfort zone, happiness, failures, and everything else a person can go through while chasing what their heart truly desires.



3228917All of Malcolm Gladwell’s books should be read by everyone multiple times throughout their lives. Outliers, in particular, is a life changing experience that truly illuminates the mind into thinking about all the aspects that go into a person’s success story. This was the first time I came across the 10,000 hour rule, which means that in order for a person to master any task, a person must practice at least 10,000 hours in order to reach his/her full potential. Malcolm Gladwell gives various examples of factors that contribute to a person’s success story ranging from the time they are born to the amount of hours a person puts into their craft at the most perfect time. Outliers is an interesting read that provides the readers with different perspectives to apply to their own life.



24453082I read this book during a time when I was lacking creativity. I couldn’t find the spark I needed in order to write what I wanted, but when I picked this book up something changed and helped me overcome the writer’s block I was stuck in. After writing her successful book Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert experienced a fear about not being able to top her first book’s success. She lacked creativity, but slowly began to realize that her own fear was what was keeping her from writing another wonderful book. Big Magic helps us understand that our creativity lives within us, and it isn’t something that comes and goes. You have to dig deep and push yourself even on days when you don’t feel like doing so because eventually you will get that spark you need to push your ideas.




15792558Eddie Huang wears many different hats—from hosting his own TV show on Vice called “Huang’s World” to owning his own restaurant in Manhattan, N.Y., “BaoHaus”. Aside from those accomplishments, Eddie is a prolific writer. When I first came across his work, I was in search of my own voice in my writing, and through his writing I was able to do that. Eddie doesn’t hold anything back—he speaks his mind and sticks with the things he believes in. This is translated in his writing. “Fresh Off The Boat” is a story about a Chinese-American boy trying to find his path in the world. Eddie writes about his experiences in growing up in a Chinese household. Although he and I have different cultures, I noticed a lot of similarities that we share. I gained insight on how much the Chinese culture values family and share a passion for food similar to that of Latinos. “Fresh Off The Boat” is definitely a book everyone should read.

There are millions of books out there that could help any person’s growth. All you have to do is make the time to read them. Don’t deprive yourself from the growth that books can provide. Just because you graduate from whatever high school or university, it doesn’t mean that you should ever stop learning. Always read and look towards growing your perspective. You never know when you might find that one book that changes your whole life.

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