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Dear Daniel,

Every time we talk you grow more and more. Your wisdom and kindness bleeds through your heart. If only everyone could experience your soul as I have. One day they will, I know it. The last letter I got from you was very emotional, I sensed your pain and passion. But the beauty of the words you write blow me away every time. You write from your heart very eloquently and I love every word.  With me your very vulnerable and that alone shows me what kind of man you really are. You want the best for everyone and your heart shows it.

But even though I praise you, you can be very complicated at times. Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother giving you advice if you go out and do the opposite. I know your heart is in the right place and I know you don’t mean any harm to anyone, but you need to have a little more faith and patience when it comes to relationships and everything else in between. Stop trying to rush everything that you get yourself into, let the universe do what it’s best at doing.

I know you say you’re ready for a relationship and all, but look how hectic your life is at the moment. Are you really ready to put in the time and effort to complete someone’s heart? Or are you just saying it just to say it?  Really analyze your life at the moment… I know you’re dreams and desires are your main focus now, so it’s important not to lead someone one if you’re not ready to put in 120%. A relationship takes just as much effort as you’re putting into your career, if not more. Think of how hurt someone could get if you only give them half your heart. Put yourself in their shoes.

Just like any other aspect of your life, in a relationship you have to be all in. There’s no half-assing this. Not only because it’s potentially lost time(we know how important that is), but because two hearts become involved in this. Each person’s heart is a delicate flower that needs nurturing and attention. You don’t want to hurt someone who is willing to give you the world while you’re caught up trying to do the things you wish. You’ve made that mistake before.

Although I know you’ve grown from the person you once were, you never want to make the same mistake twice. Learn from them and help them guide you into becoming a better human being, but most importantly a man, so that one day you can complete someone else’s heart.

Every day work on becoming better than you were yesterday and I promise you, someone will notice one day. (If they haven’t already) It might not be today, tomorrow, or next week, but eventually you’ll catch someone’s eyes. People often rush into relationships because they “think” they’re ready, but just like anything in life, a relationship takes a lot of effort and hard work. So be sure you’re heart is really ready.

Best thing I could say is follow your heart, Daniel. Deep down inside your chest there is a pulsing heart that knows what is best for you. Listen to it. When you’re ready it’ll guide you and it’ll happen organically, I know it will. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy who is driven as you are. You just have to be patient for a little longer. We all want and deserve love, our other half is out there waiting for us to become ready for them and once you’re ready it’ll be everything you never imagined. In the mean time continue what you’re doing and always do everything from your heart. Most importantly spread the love from your heart, so one day people can experience the world through your eyes.

I love you Daniel and I’ll always be watching.

Yours Truly,


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