America, A Nation of Addicts

December 21, 2016 Daniel Q 0

We live in a culture where more is always better. We’re never truly satisfied with the little we do have, whether it’s the food we eat or the materialistic culture that surrounds our everyday life — we always want more. [Read More]


The War On Junk Food and Sugar

December 13, 2016 Daniel Q 0

Food plays a huge role in our every day lives. It is the key to our survival. We obtain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the foods we eat in order to maintain a healthy functioning body. However, we’ve [Read More]


Health is the New Wealth

December 2, 2016 Matthew Arrant 1

Health is generally a touchy subject with young adults. Because we are young, we tend to feel a sense of invincibility. We tend to put our health on hold at times saying things like: I have time to do it [Read More]


5 Tips on Dealing with Stress

November 18, 2016 Derrick Marrow 0

We all have truly stressful lives. It’s called being an adult. There’s no way to get around it. It is what it is.  Whether there are deadlines to meet, kids to take here and there, budgets, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, in-laws, [Read More]

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