The Evolution of Friendship

May 3, 2017 Laura Quinton 0

People are social by nature. We’ve developed societies due to our ability to communicate. It’s no surprise that we seek each other for comfort. Our complex relationships with one another are what make humanity into what it is today. As [Read More]

Image from Pepsi Ad

How Pepsi F*cked Up

April 7, 2017 Derrick Marrow 0

It’s been a couple days since Pepsi released the commercial which set the internet on fire with its blatant non-understanding of present-day racial and police issues communities of color are dealing with. Some would say it was for the appropriation of [Read More]


The Truth About Finding Your Soulmate

April 3, 2017 Jasmin Ramos 0

A lot is misunderstood about the concept of soulmates. People seem to place an unreasonable emphasis on finding their soulmate. It’s a constant theme that people have a difficult time finding their soulmate and some people never do. Consequently, it [Read More]

missing dc daughters

Our Missing DC Daughters

March 25, 2017 Derrick Marrow 0

A friend posted the following on Facebook, “Please don’t judge me, but I had to give my 12-year-old daughter mace because I’m worried she won’t make it to and from school safely. Please pray and watch our little girls.” No, [Read More]

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