Why you’re sucking the life out of yourself


We all come to a point in our life where we feel misguided or complacent and begin to question what else is out there? Although we might be in a comfortable position at work we know deep down inside that we’re capable of so much more. What is the breaking point that forces you to go out and search for more? Maybe the money isn’t enough? Or maybe the degree you got in college isn’t going to help you reach where you want to be? No matter where you’re at in life right now, there’s always a chance of furthering your growth. It’s important to remember that nothing in this life is secure, so at any second we could lose everything. Always strive for more in life and never fall victim to the society standards of becoming complacent.

For most people the plan is to:

  1. Graduate from college
  2. Get a Job
  3. Work for 30 years

Do you mean to tell me that for the next 30 years you’re planning on working the same miserable job? That’s not living, that sounds more like prison. You can’t tell me there aren’t any days in your life where you think to yourself “damn, what else is out there?” or “is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?” It’s absurd if you don’t question the society standards. Life is about living every second, doing the things that you love, with the people you love the most! That’s life. Society has you thinking that the only days to really live is after 5pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Then you’re back to being miserable on Monday. I see people on social media every Monday, like a routine, just miserable at their jobs, complaining about the crap they wish they were doing. Instead of wishing about it, why don’t people go out and actually do them? Are they afraid of failure? Or are they afraid of losing the “security” of their job that at any moment can get fired from?

I understand people have families and they have priorities and bills to attend to, but that gives you no excuse to not live every moment of this beautiful journey of ours. We have all the tools necessary to make a change in our lives. There are thousands of books, articles, and youtube videos that can all help you reach whatever goal it is you want in life. A couple weeks back I wanted to learn more about spirituality and I literally googled “learning about spirituality” and 60 million different results popped up. So you have no excuse.

People tell me all the time about how miserable and stressed they are at their job and my only response is “Then Quit”. 99% of the time they look at me crazy, but I just couldn’t see myself doing something that made me miserable. Although I wake up every day doing what I love, that doesn’t mean my journey was a piece of cake. I worked my ass off to make my writing dreams a reality, but I loved every second of the journey. The point of life is to love what it is you do, because when you love what you do, your “job” stops being a “job” and it becomes your daily life.

Live a life where there is no need for a vacation because your life is a vacation. There are days where I want to pull my hair out strand by strand because of this artistic gift/curse that I have, but I love and enjoy what I do. Every morning I wake up, I lay in bed for 10 minutes and just appreciate everything that I have because I know someone out there is wishing they were doing what I’m doing. Although my life is chaotic at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Every day is a constant day of growth which assures me that I haven’t fallen into the “complacent” trap.

There is no one right what to live life. There are no set of rules or guidelines you HAVE to follow. This life is yours to achieve and do whatever it is you desire. No one is holding you back from accomplishing those things, the only person that can hold you back is yourself. Complacency is something we all become victims of, but I can assure you when you become free of society standards, life becomes a beautiful thing.

Go out and search what else is out there. If your job isn’t bringing you happiness, quit and find something that does. Know that to whatever problems you might face, there is always a solution. Don’t become complacent because there is more out there to find. To learn a little more on how I became free, read Quit your Job. There is always something new to learn, find what drives you and chase it, then live the rest of you life like the best of your life.

-Daniel Q

(Picture: The Pillars of Hercules) If Hercules can hold up the pillars of life, you can find your own happiness.

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  1. This is exactly in line with what I had on my mind today, so I am glad I came across it. I am ready to start living my life the way I desire and start loving it! Excited to read your other post, Quit my Job.

    • Thank you so much for reading. My goal has always been to at least reach one person through writing, so I thank you for taking the time to read!

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