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People ask me all the time why is it that I make these videos. And my response is always the same. I do these videos because I think it’s important to not only share my story but OUR stories. No one pays me to make these videos and I don’t benefit from any of this, which is why my ‘Day in A Life’ series is all about YOU. If people only knew the great lengths that I go to bring this project to life, which is why I truly believe this project is special.The Go Pro camera that these videos are filmed with isn’t mine, the laptop that I’m currently writing this and use to edit these videos with isn’t mine either. So that alone should show you how special this project really is. I MAKE IT HAPPEN, not because I want something out of it but because YOU are important. Life will hand you the shitttiest set of cards, but you can work hard to change any hand you receive. In the words of Beyonce “When life hands you lemons, you make f*ck*ng lemonade.” (I think that’s what she meant).

I met my friend Morgan a couple years ago (ironically we’re both from Alief)and he’s always been a very artistic individual. From painting, video production, to photography, he has his hands in it all. But music is something Morgan has always been passionate about. So when DJ’ing came into his life, it was a given. Morgan gave up everything in order to chase his dreams, something that started as a hobby has now become his every day life. Quickly growing a buzz in the city of Houston with his different style, Morgan is set to do great things from hosting artistic events, to DJ’ing all over the city. It’s incredible to watch someone grow from nothing to become something incredible that motivates and inspires people. Morgan has created his own unique sound that will definitely take the music world by storm. I see his passion when he speaks about what he loves doing and hear his the determination through his mixes.

Most people think Dj’ing is just pushing a couple of buttons here and there but it takes hours of practice to make sure the mixes are right. It’s an art. And just like anything else in the world this journey takes patience and consistency. Nothing in life is going to be handed to you, which is why you have to work at your craft every single day. Morgan is definitely on the right path and he’s surrounded himself with individuals that help push him further while gathering as much knowledge about the craft as he can.

So whatever it is you do, be passionate it about it. If you currently have a shitty job, just be the best employee at the shitty job and watch how the tables turn ( pun intended). We’re all here just finding our own meaning of happiness, but if you feel miserable right now, change something and watch your world change. You don’t have to know what your passion is right at this second but if you do your best at whatever it is you do, you’re bound to find where your heart lies.

Watch last weeks Day In A Life video here.

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