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Life of an entrepreneur is an interesting lifestyle. These women and men dedicate their whole lives just to leave the earth better than how they found it. Entrepreneurs sacrifice everything from friendships, family time, relationships, and everything in between of what a human soul craves just to make their dreams a reality. Some even go as far as risking every penny their worth just to try to make something out of nothing. How far would you be willing to go? Will you make it or will you let your dreams die like the rest of the population?

90% of all entrepreneurs will fail within their first 2 years, will you be part of the lucky 10% or fail like the 90%? Are you willing to sacrifice everything you have now to reach something people call crazy? I don’t know about you but I rather try than live a life filled with thinking “what if” Call entrepreneurs crazy but these are the people who go out into the world with courage and heart. We live in a cruel world that will eat you alive and spit you out whole, but if you attest the hardships and stand up every time you fall, you will achieve something.

We all fantasize about living a better life than what we were given, not simply because we take what we’re given for granted, but because we live in a world full of opportunities. We know what else is out there, we just have to build the courage inside to go out and get it. Everyone has a bit of entrepreneurship inside of them, you just have to realize it for yourself.

My roommate/brother/best friend/manager Joel Sanchez is the definition of your modern-day entrepreneur.  Joel is a different breed and sometimes I question whether if he’s human or not.  With his hunger, passion, and determination I know he’s capable of everything he desires. I wouldn’t bet against him if I were you. I’ve seen this man fall several times, but every time he always manages to get right back up and fight for what his heart desires.

Here is the Day in a Life of Entrepreneur.

Go out and chase your dreams because if you don’t, then who will?

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