Day In A Life | Series Finale

Day In A Life

We all have a story. Each story is special and unique from the 7 billion people on this earth. But somehow they’re all connect to one another. Throughout our life time we’ll meet thousands of individuals and our story will connect with theirs. We will change something about that one person we meet, even if it’s something as small as giving them a simple smile. Although this screen separates you and I, we share a bond within these words.

Writing to me has always been something very personal. It is a place where I can express my own thoughts and ideas. It just so happens that I have the platform to share my work with others even though I mainly write for myself. But even though I write, I felt compelled to share the stories of others because I know my story isn’t the only important one out there. All of our stories matter. That is why my Day In A Life series was created. Now when I first started this project I didn’t know where It was headed, I didn’t have a camera or know how to work a single video editing program. Luckily we live in an era where so much information is accessible on the internet. So after putting the idea together, I started to work on it. Quickly I began to get a hang of it and learned everything I know today. It’s amazing to see the growth in my work in such a short time. When you want something you’ll do whatever it takes to master your craft. I’ve spent countless hours working on these videos simply trying to share these beautiful stories. No one knows about the hard work that goes into these careers, which is why it’s important to show what really goes into it.

Each of these stories featured in the Day In A Life series is completely different than mine. Everyone is working towards a different goal, but in a way we’re all working towards the same objectives. We’re all here trying to change the world in our own unique way. We all want to share our light with others, to show that you can accomplish whatever it is you desire, as long as you work hard day in and day out. It’s not an easy road and everyone featured can tell you that for a fact, but what keeps us going is being able to create something to help and inspire others. That is what our journey is all about, because if your not building in life, you’re destroying.

Everyone’s story is important regardless of what path you decide to take(whether you take the traditional route or not), as long as your passionate about it. I want everyone to understand what it feels like to wake up every single morning and do something you whole heartedly love. It is an amazing feeling. Theres no need to wake up every single day miserable, hating everything you do. That’s not living. You can literally do whatever it is your heart desires, as long as you stay consistent. If something isn’t going the way you want in life at this moment, change something. Read more. Learn more. And watch how you begin to quickly grow as a human being. Nothing is going to change in your life until you make the decision to grow. Until then, everything will continue to stay the way things are at the moment.

The Day In A Life series is not about me, it’s about you. It is my way to give back to the world. I will continue to share these amazing stories, but I need your help in finding these stories. If you would like to be featured in season 2, please feel free to message me. I will do everything in my power to share your story with the world.

Alone we can’t change the world. The only way to change the world is to come together and work as one. Remember, we’re all important here, and we all have a beautiful story to live. Go out and find what you love, don’t listen to the opinions of others, and just listen to your heart; it knows what it wants.

Watch last weeks Day in A Life video here

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