Depression is Real


For those who don’t know depression is something real. It’s not some made-up bullshit mental disorder, it’s disease millions of people are battling around the world. Most people who live with depression never seek to find help and usually face the consequences alone. I’ve been a victim of depression and I’m telling you that it’s not something to play around or take lightly. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and worthless, it’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world. You live your life thinking nothing is worth living for and some days you wish to end the pain. I never wish this upon anyone and if you ever need someone to talk to, know that there are people out there who truly care for your well being.

Yes life is beautiful and we have so much to be grateful for, but people going through depression don’t see that. They’re blinded by the actuality of life and constantly deprive themselves from their own happiness. It’s a shitty feeling, especially when you go through it alone. You feel as if no one can understand what you’re going through and you feel as if everyone will judge you because of it. Most people think depression is something you can snap yourself out of it instantaneously, but just like any disorder, this requires special attention.

When I was in college, I battled with depression over the years. I constantly debated whether or not to see a therapist, to try and get some help. I never did though, I was too afraid of what people would perceive me as, so I dealt with it on my own. Most of my nights were consumed by my thoughts, replaying over and over again about how much I thought my life sucked. Thankfully I had my own form of therapy that allowed me to let my thoughts out; writing. But even though I expressed my thoughts through writing, it only did so much. I had to dig deep and find the root of the problem to recognize what was really holding me back from blossoming. It wasn’t until I wrote my book that I finally started to understand what had always held me back most of my life. I needed to learn how to forgive those who hurt me in the past to move forward and finally let go of the things I had no control over. It was a tough battle and I spent a lot of nights alone re-reading everything I wrote over and over again. But writing allowed me to relieve myself from the demons inside of my own mind.

But even though I found my own method of expressionism that I found therapeutic, most people never find that. They go on to live their whole lives thinking how miserable they really are and nothing is worth living for. Most turn to alcohol and self medication to suppress the pain because they no longer want to feel hurt. People with this mental illness deprive themselves from enjoying life. It’s not something easy to get over, but you have to understand that you have the power to overcome anything. Every thing in life has a solution, but everyone’s solution is different, so you have to go out into the world and find what best works for you. There are people out there who are more than willing to help and there are hundreds of different methods of therapy that can alleviate anyone from the pain of depression.

So the next time someone around you says they’re feeling depressed, take them serious and do whatever you can to help them because they need it just as much as someone with any other mental disorder. For people experiencing depression, don’t be afraid to seek help. I know things might seem impossible to overcome right now, but I promise you anything is possible. You can change any circumstance, but you have to change your perception first. I changed everything about myself mentally and now I wake up grateful for everything that surrounds me. In a weird way depression made me stronger and helped me realize what my worth really is.

Dont be afraid to overcome depression. It’s a tough road but it’s worth it in the long run. Here a couple tips on how to deal with this difficult moment of your life:

  • Exercise (the most affordable method of therapy)
  • Express yourself through art. (Whether it’s writing, painting, photography, etc find something that allows you to create and express yourself)
  • Find help. (For college students, know that there are therapist on campus that can help you overcome anything that you’re going through)
  • Meditation (Learn to become one with your thoughts)
  • Nutrition (Improving what you put into your body will help balance the biochemical imbalances)
  • Sleep (Insomnia is not healthy for anyone battling depression)

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