Picking a favorite song of the day, week, or month that helps you get through your current situation.


Music plays a crucial role in our lives. Have you ever wondered how music relates to you or your current situation? How about a certain song that helps you overcome an obstacle or uplifts you? I think everyone should try this idea that I thought was really cool and super helpful: picking out a song of the day, perhaps a song of the week, or even the month. That song will become your theme song for that day/week/month. It will be like your entrance music if you were a WWE wrestler or your introduction song if you are in the NBA/WBNA starting line up. Listen to the song, the reason you chose the song is up to you. Dissect the song, take out your favorite lyrics or musical solo and imprint it somewhere. Let the song become more than just a song to you. The monthly listen will be interesting because you’ll have to record your progress. Some may not feel the same or the impact may be slightly different at the end of the month compared to the beginning. This is a cool method that I found very rewarding. There were moments I felt like there was a direct connection between me and the artist that only he and I understood. That’s the power of music.

As for me, how I like to pick my song goes something something like this: I choose an uplifting song that I know will pick me up whether I’m sad or faced with a challenge, etc., another option for me is a song that will uplift me and make me happy and lastly, I always try to find a song I can relate to a situation that I’m currently going through. In that sense, I’m constantly searching for new music.

My song choices for this November are:

Song of the Day: If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix
This song is about the ending of something and there is a possibility for a fresh start. The lyrics are about the tough times he’s gone through. One lyric that stands out to me is, “Some day all this mess will make me laugh. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.” He is overlooking all the chaos, knowing that someday, his days will be better than they are today. I relate because I fight a tough battle everyday. I have a hard time dealing with trials and tribulations. This song always gives me hope to look forward to a better tomorrow.

Song of the week: Methylone by Bas.
Methylone is a song full of metaphors. This song is so significant to me because I feel like it relates to my situation. The song starts out with, “Good things don’t happen to good people. People never change,” stating that the kind-hearted always end up getting the crappy end of the stick. In more ways than one, it has truth behind it. We know a lot of good people whose odds aren’t in their favor. Bas then makes a direct connection with me when he says, “Pupils dilate my frame, make my vision so exquisite.”How Bas feels about music opening his eyes to greater things, I feel writing has done the same for me. Writing has given me new opportunities where I’ve met so many different, incredible people, and travel and gain new perspectives on life.

Song of the month: Good Life by Kanye West.
Arguably one of my favorite songs of all time. I’m blessed that Kanye created this beautiful track. When stated, “The good life, let’s go on a living spree, they say the best things in life are free,” it really put things in perspective for me. Kanye made me realize that all the things I can’t put a price tag on like friends, family, cherishable moments, and relationships. Those are the true riches in life. One of my favorite verses is, “Befo’ I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined the good life.” Kanye imagined his life to be great. He turned his visions into reality. That inspires me so much. I always feel I can catch my dreams and live them out. One day I’ll repeat that lyric and have a smile on my face because it will relate to me on a deeper level.

The most incredible thing with this method is it’s so interchangeable. You can plug in all different types of songs, pick apart the lyrics and simply relate to them. Whether it be a song you just get up and dance to, or perhaps a song that just helps you remain focused on the task ahead, this is really helpful. That’s the power of music and how it impacts our lives.

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