Finding A Passion In Life vs. A Career


After graduating college, you would think that I would have had a plan on how to continue my life. I should have had a job lined up, or at least a passion to want to work in the field that I studied. I didn’t. It’s not because I wasn’t a high achieving student or because I never got offered any of the most sought out internships or jobs. I just wasn’t interested in doing anything in my field.

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I graduated from Texas State University. It’s an excellent school, don’t get me wrong. I loved my experience there. I just felt like none of it was for me. I decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising, which is the study of business in the retail environment.

It wasn’t until the very last couple of weeks of my senior year, right before graduation when I realized; I’m going to be working in this field for the rest of my life, and I don’t even like it. I didn’t have a passion for any of it. In fact, as I learned more about the fashion industry, I began to have less respect for the title.

Long story short, I became disheartened upon learning about the conditions of underpaid textile plant workers and child laborers. I didn’t want to support any of it by working in the industry. I also felt like I had a different calling all along.

In my first three years of college, I felt like an outcast. I thought differently, and I didn’t have the same interest in what I was learning like everyone else seemed to have. I was learning about businesses, big corporations, and things that were really straight and to the point. Meanwhile, my boyfriend, whom I met my first year there, was pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. He was learning how to be a metal smith—an artist.

He was being taught how to think outside of the box, outside of all the structure that was being drilled into my brain. The more I saw him grow as an artist, the more I desired to express my creativity somehow and make that into a career as well.

After graduation, I took the job I was “supposed” to have. The 9-5, follow-all-instructions, work-for-someone-else, and do-the-same-thing every day type of job. Did I use my full potential at that job? Definitely not. Every day, I couldn’t stop thinking how much I disliked it, and how I would carry this feeling with me no matter what other jobs I took.

StockSnap_PRQZL8UFK2I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know how I would do it. I always thought I wanted to own my own store one day, butI didn’t want that so much anymore. I wanted to get creative, to work while doing something I absolutely loved. I had to figure out what that was. I was once again at a loss. I didn’t know what to do.

I don’t know how normal it is to not know what you’re good at or what your favorite hobby is, but that’s how I used to feel. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but my first step was the need to find something I loved. It was a daunting task for someone who felt that they weren’t good at anything! My next step was to search, to get out of my comfort zone.

I tried a variety of different things. I had to get to know myself better. Of course, while trying out new things, I failed at a lot. I found a couple of things that I now know for a fact that I’m not good at. For example, drawing. I mean, I could get better if I really wanted to, but it wasn’t for me. I needed a way to be creative, but how?

I began writing. I found that it was a good way for me to put all my thoughts down. I’m the type of person who always has a constant inner dialogue going on. I created my blog soon afterward. I was sitting at home one day, on one of my days off, and decided I should stop waiting around for the perfect opportunity, and just create something.

StockSnap_8NX6EPAWCBDoing this has helped me grow into the person I am today. It taught me a lot about creating your own opportunities and getting out of your comfort zone. I had found that I loved writing. I still may not be the best at it, but I just love doing it. This was the feeling of passion I was looking for, but it still wasn’t the answer to how I could sustain myself if I were to quit my “normal” job.

Having this new mindset—the mindset of simply trying and attempting to create your own opportunities—gave me a new advantage. Now I, at least, had a platform in which to reach and connect with others. I needed to find a way to become the entrepreneur I wanted to be.

By creating your own opportunities it opens up even more; new chances for opportunities, a new mindset, a new idea, new connections, and new knowledge. It’s all a learning process. It’s important to continue your own personal growth.

Today, I can say I have left square one. I know where to find my passion and what I can do with it. I’m closer to becoming the entrepreneur I want to be. I would have never come this far if I didn’t challenge myself. I would still be stuck thinking that I wasn’t good at anything. I would be stuck working the 9-5, follow-all-instructions type of job.

My last job, thankfully, was seasonal—and I never looked back. I found my passion, and I ran with it. I feel like my life has a purpose now. I no longer feel like I’m being spoon-fed and regurgitating information. I felt that way about my major because that was the human part of me crying out and telling me not to take that path. We all want to be able to express ourselves creatively somehow. I felt like I was taking the wrong path somehow, a path that would stifle my inner self and live the rest of my life on autopilot.

Today, I can call myself an artist, a writer, and a budding entrepreneur. I am now working on a business with my spouse, and it turns out that my degree has been a great advantage for me either way. It’s funny how things always work out in the end. Things happen for a reason or if you create the right circumstances for them to happen. You create your own opportunities.

For anyone reading who feels like they want more from their life, just go out there and try something, anything, everything. You will never know what opportunities are out there just waiting for you, or what great people you have yet to meet if you don’t give anything a try. True failure is the failure to try. Don’t let yourself down.

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