The Truth About Finding Your Soulmate



A lot is misunderstood about the concept of soulmates.

People seem to place an unreasonable emphasis on finding their soulmate. It’s a constant theme that people have a difficult time finding their soulmate and some people never do. Consequently, it would lead you to believe that finding your soulmate would be the equivalent of finding a form of happiness.

For me, finding my soulmate was the easy part. We collided rather unexpectedly, without consciously realizing that we were even searching for one another at the time. I argue that finding him was the easy part because the realization that you don’t always end up with your soulmate was the tragically difficult part.

There was ironic beauty in finding him.

We grew up in the same area our whole lives, yet we didn’t meet until later in life when we were living miles apart from each other. Somehow, for some reason, life determined that we weren’t destined to meet until then.

Instantly, our connection was so deep and meaningful that it was overwhelming. I could literally feel this accumulation of energy and momentum because my life was about to move in a new direction. We realized that although our stories were different, we learned similar lessons in our journeys. Our perspectives on the world around us were identical. We’re almost the same person, only different versions. It is almost as though we exploded from the same star stuff and reincarnated into two separate beings. I imagine that this is what it would feel like to have a twin. Finding someone who understands you on levels that no one else can is rare.

Not only that, but this person has the ability to reveal strengths in you that may have been laying dormant within you. It only took you finding them to allow this greater version of yourself to awaken.

A personal journal entry of what I was experiencing while I was trying to understand what was happening:

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with emotions since I met him. I’m still not able to decipher what emotions I’m experiencing or which emotion is greater. I’ve never connected to someone like this. I met him a few days ago, yet I feel like we understand each other on a whole other level. I don’t even know how to explain this, and I know I could sound fucking crazy. He is waking up these dreams and aspirations I used to have for myself. The ones that went dormant for such a long time. I feel inspired and passionate about what I want and hope to do with my life just by talking to him or hearing him speak about his own goals and dreams. These feelings aren’t even about what I’m feeling towards him specifically. It’s more about what he is influencing me to feel about myself. It’s like I’m looking into a weird mirror. Our ideals and the way we perceive things are strangely similar. His work reminds me of my own, and I feel a deep connection to that. Our experiences are similar yet vaguely different (that can’t even make sense, but it does). Opening up and showing our scars to each other feels powerful. You ever feel that energy when your life is about to be completely changed by another individual or event? I feel like we’re about to guide each other into becoming new better versions of ourselves. He makes me want to be ready for that. Destiny is manifesting before me, and I feel it in every sense.

My soulmate gave me a new meaning and understanding of self-love because he loved me and I loved him in return. Loving someone who is basically you kind of gives you no other option.

Another piece inspired by what he helped me understand:

Seems like I’ve waited my whole life for a love like this. The sort of love that I’ve always poured into other people and longed for in return. It’s a pure, selfless, and unconditional type of love. It seeks to cultivate the qualities that already exist within me and only hopes to be present as I manifest my own greatness. The kind of love that accepts and encourages the notion that I could love myself more than I love him. Slowly understanding that he is simply my reflection, and in loving him, I’ve found that I am undoubtedly loving myself.

Even so, loving your soulmate in the physical world comes with difficulty. Though, logically, you want to rationalize that your soulmate is the person you’re meant to be with, it may not always manifest itself that way. Your purpose in finding each other isn’t what people tell you it should be; to fall deeply in love and be partners for life. Your soulmate actually makes you aware that your journey isn’t finished here. You don’t get to just live happily ever after once they enter your life. Rather, you have to accept that the purpose in finding your soulmate is to help guide you in finding things within yourself. Your soulmate arrives to challenge who you think you are and aid you in your journey towards growth. They are not the end to your search of happiness or love, they are merely the beginning.


To my soulmate:

If life reunites us again when we’re ready for it, then it will…and if it doesn’t then we are still lucky to have known our person is out there being the best version of themselves because we met. I’m still grateful for that.

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