I Decided — Getting the Courage to Make Life Changing Decisions

I decided

I never knew where my life would end up when I made the decision to leave school and chase what I was passionate about. I knew if I jumped, eventually I would land somewhere and find out who I really was. I couldn’t fathom the idea of working for the rest of my life in a cubicle for someone else or face the idea that I was building someone else’s dream. I wanted to write, I wanted to create on my own terms. Making the decision was the easy part and somehow, here I am, writing about my experiences and sharing a piece of my journey. It’s all because I decided.

We can talk about all the things we want to accomplish in our lives but talking only does so much. Execution is where dreams are built and consistency is where dreams become a reality. When you make the decision to chase what you want, life doesn’t get easier. For a long time you live in this constant bubble of doubt. It isn’t until your drive becomes stronger than the doubt that you begin to see your vision clearly. It’s the mere thought of doing what you love for the rest of your life that’ll keep you going, especially when no one else sees your vision. People will doubt you but as long as you stay true to your heart no one can take you away from the things you want most.

We make about 35,000 decisions a day and not all of them are going to be the right ones, but if you live in constant fear of what the outcome of one decision will be, you wont ever get to truly live. Go out and fail miserably, learn from those failures and then learn to make your decisions a lot more wiser. The important factor is to do the things you talk about. If innovators and creatives never executed their ideas, we wouldn’t have most of the cool shit that surrounds us. Take those risks, jump into the unknown and figure out the rest when you land.

As far as we know, we only get one life, so why not take some risks?

My whole life changed when I decided to jump into the unknown. I can’t sit here and comfort you by telling you that every day has been like walking in a meadow of blooming flowers. You’re bound to walk into a heaping pile of shit but as you stand in that heaping pile of shit you start to think, “Hey this pile of shit isn’t all that bad,” and your perception of your own failures begin to change. The next time you come across shit, transition accordingly and in some weird way life will get a lot easier. You learn from your decisions and start to wonder how much further your own failures can take you. Now I realize my journey isn’t about how many times I fail, but about how much shit I can take.

Decisions are funny in a sense. We’re very cautious to make certain decision because we’re afraid of the failure that might come but those same failures and mistakes are what add to our personal growth. We cant be afraid to make decisions outside of our own comfort zone because those decisions are what usually lead to the most eye-opening experiences.

I can’t say I know exactly where my life is headed. I don’t focus on tomorrow or next week. What I can do, is focus on what I’m working on right now. You have to put all your effort into the things you want the most and if it makes you a little optimistic then so be it, as long as you accomplish what your heart really desires. Make the decision that could potentially alter the rest of your life, just like I decided.

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