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 The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspiration is built off of desire, the feeling you have to fully devote yourself to a purpose. It’s the chill you get down your spine, the warmth in your heart, the sparkle in your eye when you’re inspired. It’s that thrilling feeling of knowing you’re going to give your 110 percent to complete whatever task you desire. It enhances your creative thinking, allowing you to be more innovative. Inspiration goes hand-in-hand with creativity. Those who are inspired are extraordinary. They tend to think outside the box, without following the norm. They solely believe in their own vision, encouraging and paving ways for others to do the same. It’s a great feeling to be inspired.

Some may ask,

“How do I know I’m inspired?”

StockSnap_0YY3PP9OHAEveryday we get to open our eyes, as the sun peaks through our curtains, while the birds sing outside our window, we are allowed another opportunity to devote ourselves to something. Ask yourself,

“What can I do today to work towards my dream?”

Everyday we should be taking steps towards our dream and what we believe in. Even if it’s baby steps, baby steps in the right direction are always better than none at all or even steps in the wrong direction. Challenge yourself everyday to work for YOU. We go to school to educate ourselves, we go to work to get money, so why not work towards your dreams to live a life of fulfillment? The end goal is to live the life you want to live. When it’s all said and done, there will be no regrets.

Next step is to ask yourself,

“Am I satisfied with my life?”

A lot of people live a life where they’re okay with just getting by. People go to school, get degrees that they aren’t satisfied with usually because it makes a lot of money, or the benefits are good, or tend to stay at that job for the same reasons. It’s just a repeating cycle at that point. Break the cycle. We must take strategic risks. Map out a plan where you can live on your own terms. With risk, comes reward. Live a life where you’re rewarded for doing what you’re passionate about. The possibilities are endless if you truly put your mind and heart into something you believe in so why not make it yourself?

Finally, ask yourself,

“Why am I doing this?”

If you’re going to do a half-ass job, why bother? Give it your all or don’t do it at all. We tend to do things without questioning them. If it’s not benefitting you then it holds no value. Without benefits, there’s a lack of inspiration which will lead to no true results. We can keep getting stuck working that job we hate, pursuing the wrong college major, or keep doing things that don’t benefit us emotionally, physically, or spiritually as individuals but what’s the point in the that? Pursue your passion and you’ll find your purpose.

Inspiration comes from training our minds to think a certain way, then our body follows naturally. The more we tap into our cognitive thinking, the more it will benefit us. Like Buddha says,

“What we think, we become.”

StockSnap_4J9UTGRIR4Whether it be our family, our community, surroundings, or simply wanting to leave a legacy knowing we lived the life we wanted to live, we can all be inspired in many ways. In reality, inspiration comes from within. We must find a reason for why we want to get up everyday and accomplish our goals. We can’t allow unfavorable circumstances to dictate our inspiration. Inspiration is overcoming those odds, doing the unthinkable, and going about things being creatively driven. We all have something that inspires us. Remember to challenge yourself day in and day out. Question your actions. Don’t forget to train your mind to believe that your goals and dreams are attainable. The inspiration will then be bestowed upon your heart and you’ll see the greatness in yourself and what you capable of in this life.

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  1. Great content Matt. If this post isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is. I think one of the most important things is having a strong mind. One must have a strong mental in order to understand that whatever we want to do, whatever we want to become, we can. Like you stated above. What we think, we become and it is unreal and unfathomable at first but once you realize its as simple as that. Its as simple as thinking and seeing what you want in your mind first and then going out and getting it. The possibilities become endless. Of course it starts with having a strong mind, which leads to having dedication, determination, and a strong will to not give up on what you want. Dreams dont work unless you work for them. I feel people sometimes think that its just going to be handed to them or just pop into their life and it can IF they work for it. If you believe you can achieve. Again great content Matt.

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