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Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 8.19.46 PM¿Que onda mi gente?! Most call me Jeff, others J.I. I’m from Alief, TX, and I’m currently a pharmacy student at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy (PharmD coming in 2018!). Although science and healthcare are my niches, the arts and those who create it have always captivated me. It’s almost divine that the expression of oneself through dancing, painting, or writing has the power to impact the masses.

Rhetoric and the concept of language have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. There is great power in speaking, but it is dependent on how you convey a message and the words utilized to do so. I realized that reading and writing in my free time were great ways to expand my vocabulary. At a young age I also learned to read body language and speak with great diction. It wasn’t long before delivering speeches became a challenge that I would seldom shy away from. My peers all throughout my schooling recognized me as well-spoken, but I wanted to do more with my speaking and writing abilities beyond speech & debate, “sounding smart”, and swooning those with my articulated sentences, haha.

Since 2014, freestyle, writing, and reading The New Yorker weekly has inspired me to share my thoughts and personal stories, using a touch of logic and data, to satisfy both my logical and creative sides.

My goal in life–and in writing–is simple: to connect with someone.

Peace, love and prosperity friends.


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