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Over the last year I’ve learned so much about my own path. It’s been a year since I left school and I left San Antonio for good. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it’s been the most rewarding. Although I’ve hit rough patches on this path I don’t regret anything. It was never easy to just get up and go, basically leaving everything I once knew behind. But here I am a year later, smarter than ever, more conscious of my surroundings, and most importantly; one with every aspect of my life.

A year ago I never envisioned my life being what it is today. For one, I am now not only a writer, but an author. I’ve visited and lived in different places around the country. And I’ve been jobless for about a year now, focusing on writing full time. But even through all the wonderful opportunities I’ve lived through, I’ve also had some of my lowest moments, like fighting depression, sleeping on floors, and even struggling to afford to eat. But all of these experiences have helped me grow more and more as I progress through my journey — the positive and the negative. The key is to learn from everything you experience and apply what you learn as you progress through you life. Not many people would be capable of dropping everything in order to chase something that might not be promised.

When I left San Antonio, I left my comfort zone behind. I basically had it all; a decent job, school was going well, a wonderful circle of friends, a home, and everything that comes with living. But I gave it all up because somehow I knew there was more out there. At that point I had never seen what lied beyond the other side of the fence, but something encoded in my DNA pushed me to search what else is out there. My family aren’t big risk takers and they pleaded me to continue on the path of security, but I couldn’t, I knew this path wouldn’t be enough for my family and I. I wanted more for them and even though I was sacrificing everything at the time, I knew it would be rewarding in the long run.

Through this past year I’ve failed more than I have won, but my approach to my losses are entirely different. Instead of grieving on them, I learn from them and adjust. Life is a big game of adjustment, without it you’ll spend too much time focusing on things you cant control. I could’ve fallen into a deep depression the moment my book didn’t release, but instead I worked on other aspects of where I lacked and improved the overall product. Or I could’ve spent all of my energy this past year focusing on the fact that I didn’t have any money, but instead I worked day and night on my craft. Little changes in my perspective changed everything about me. I evolved the important aspects of my own life.

I’ve been very fortunate of the whole experience this past year. I’ve met amazing individuals who truly support everything that I do. When I doubt myself from time to time, these people show me why I’m meant to be here. I never realized how important it was to keep a small circle of hungry individuals who strive for success around you. That’s been the biggest impact and one of the reasons why I am here. Watching them work against all odds motivates me and pushes me to become an overall better writer.

When I left everything in San Antonio I was afraid that I would one day regret everything, but here I am a year later and I’m still as hungry as the first day I started. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in life, but after a year of hard work, I can honestly say I’m a lot closer than when I started. I’ve lost friends throughout my journey but only because they might not understand my decisions. Maybe one day they’ll understand.  Soon enough I’ll be a New York Times Best Selling author, even if it takes me 5 or even 10 years, I’ll always share the same passion because I love what I do. Isn’t that what all life is really about?

So whatever you’re currently doing on your journey, make sure to fight until your last breath. Nothing is given for free in this world, so you have to go out and take what you deserve. Got get your share!

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