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Last night at about 3am I finally realized I’m 24 years old. Now for a lot of people that probably doesn’t mean anything, but I must inform you, my birthday was almost 2 months ago. As I close my computer stumped thinking about the ironic situation, I quickly opened my computer back up and worked for another hour.

24 years of age is a vital stage in your life where most of us are trying to figure out where our life is headed, simply because 25 is right around the corner, which means 30 is not too far either. Maybe I was overthinking the situation, but this moment resonated with me so much because I actually have my shit together. I have a clear understanding of where I want to be in life and I have a specific plan on how to execute my goals. Not many 24 year olds can say that. A year ago I had no idea where my life was headed, all I knew was that I wanted to become a writer. And now here I am. quote-Ann-Brashares-i-look-back-on-my-20s-its-233795

Most people reading this are probably thinking “oh your so young, you have nothing to worry about.” But I must inform you that it does matter. We live in a society now where information travels faster than anything else on the planet. Meaning that as our lives move forward, the younger generations are beginning to outsmart the older generations because they’re capable of grasping information faster than ever. If you don’t believe me, give a 4 year old an iPad and watch how quickly they learn to use it.So in my situation, there’s probably some young kid out there trying to become the best writer/author. That same kid is watching everything I do in order to get a leg out in front of me to wipe me out completely. So the more time I waste, the more this kid gets closer, like a wolf coming in for the kill. Even though I have my shit together and have a clear understanding of where I want to be, I literally have no time to waste because that kid is wanting to take everything I want.

Most kids my age don’t have their crap together and it’s ok, although there are a few. But most are getting ready to graduate and others are recent graduates not knowing what their next step in life is. As young adults we all want to embark on our life endeavors but many don’t understand what it takes to reach that end goal we all desire. We often think that from one step to the next we’ll be at the top, but life doesn’t work that way. Even on my untraditionquote-Nigel-Cole-i-think-your-20s-are-the-hardest-232989al journey nothing has come easy. And for many that take the traditional route of going to school, they’ll soon understand the same. Life takes a lot of hard work and if for any second you think you’re going to breeze your way in to the life you desire, you better analyze life all over again. Our life is a huge puzzle piece waiting for us to put the pieces together, but even if you think you have all the pieces to complete the puzzle, there will always be pieces missing, and sometimes those same pieces might be covered in shit.

Personally I don’t have time to waste. Yes I’m only 24 and I have a whole life ahead of me, but these younger generations are wanting it more than people my age. That is why I feel as if I have to do everything in my power to continue to move forward without wasting a single second. Which is why I opened my computer back up at 3am to continue working.

I know I should enjoy life and appreciate the journey (which I do) but I just know not to enjoy it for too long because work needs to be done and moves need to be made. I’ll just fully enjoy the journey when I’m at the top, so until then we continue to work until 4am every day.

Here are a couple of  life tips to help you overcome the hardships of a 24 year old:

  1. Dont Rush Anything.(We all know how rushed situations end up)
  2. Be Patient (Probably the most important)
  3. Read and Learn as much as you can about your craft.
  4. Enjoy being in your 20’s (It’s hard to enjoy it sometimes, but there’s always something to be grateful of)

What other life tips do you have for those in their 20’s? What life tips work best for you? Comment your life tips at the bottom!

Also, check of what a video I made on the life of a writer here

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  1. I’m only 21 but my life tip would be: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY WITH YOURSELF. We spend to much time groveling over other people’s judgement. Good post!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. And yes, everyone should do what makes them happy, that is the only true way to live this beautiful life we are granted with.

  2. This was great! I have been feeling the same exact way. I have been involved in art and music my entire life and it comes with a certain anxiety.
    That anxiety tends to run a few steps ahead of my age. Am I hungry enough? Am I good enough?
    I expect so much out of myself that I forget to stop and breathe. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thank you for your post.

    • No problem, I’m glad that it helped you. That anxiety can be killer until we realize it’s all in our mind. Thank you for reading!

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