How to Reach the Light at the End of the Tunnel

What it'll take to reach the light


See, here’s the thing; outside of your parents, nobody owes you anything.

Even then, once you get to a certain age, they don’t owe you anything. You have to grow up, put on your big boy pants, and go face the cruel harsh world. How you face it is up to you.

There’s a saying,

“Everything that gets done in the dark will eventually come to light”.

A lot of people use that as a warning for people, suggesting that if they cheat then they are going to get caught. I want you to look at it in a different way. Whatever you want to be in life, whether that may be a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, physicist, writer, professional athlete, CEO, etc.; it will take hard work. Hard work that will go unnoticed and unseen while you’re in the midst of your training, but it will eventually come to light. If you want to make it to the pros, you need to be prepared to miss out on things. You’re going to be lonely at times. While everyone else is partying and playing, you’re working on your craft. You’re in the cages hitting. Let’s say you want to be a lawyer, then maybe a judge. Well, first you have to pass the bar. Yes, literally. You may have to miss out on a bar run and drinking with your friends, so you can study to pass the bar exam. Before that, you have to do all the studying, all the casework, and all the late nights and early mornings. Let’s say you want to be a doctor. You want someone to put the lives of their family and themselves in your hands, but you didn’t put in the work? You couldn’t be my doctor. Everybody wants to drive the fast cars and live in the big houses, but everybody doesn’t want to put the work in.  The necessary, grueling, dirty work that it takes to master a skill and to become what you want to be in life.

photo-1424298397478-4bd87a6a0f0cListen, I coach kids/teenagers. I tell them all the time, I only have a limited time with you and that time is as a group. If you want to take the next step in your development, you have to put in extra time on your own. You have to take charge of your life. Nobody else will because they’re too busy worrying about their own life. You have to work out. You have to put up extra shots in the gym. You have to face your demons.  You have to fight through the struggle. Yes, the struggle is real. More real than some imagine. You have to work on your skill and hone your craft. While everybody else is sleeping, you have to work. Because I’ll tell you one thing, there is a kid in some city that wants it, and he or she is working right now while you’re reading this. Life is the same way. If you want something then you have to put in the work that will put you in a position to be able to grab it once you are presented with the opportunity.

There is no way for me to sugar coat this. Hard work isn’t easy. That’s why they call it hard work.  Sometimes it’s downright dreadful. You have to be motivated to get through. You have to focus on the results. The motivation one person might have will be completely different from the person right next to them working on the same goal. I don’t write to get rich. I write because I believe I have a voice and words that others might want to hear. Personally, I write to get the words out of my mind that is constantly running. Don’t get me wrong though, getting rich off words would be a wonderful life-changing thing for me.

photo-1470325649137-fd3c99783457Realize that simply putting in the work doesn’t guarantee you anything.

As I said earlier, nobody owes you anything. You have to keep your nose down and keep working. You may only get one opportunity, and when you get it you have to be prepared. Also, know that a lot of “no’s” will come along the way.  Whatever your motivation is, it has to be able to take you through those down times, through the “no’s”. You have to embrace the “no’s” of life because they will come. Everybody won’t give you a chance, for whatever the reason. Maybe they won’t be able to see what you know you have inside. Maybe you’re just one of a thousand in their eyes. Don’t blame them; they are only doing what they believe is best for themselves. Know that everybody can’t see greatness, even the ones who are paid to find it. Use it as fuel.  Fuel for that monster that you need that makes you do one more set of push-ups. Fuel that makes you study one more hour. Fuel that makes you say ‘no’ to the party that everyone is going to because you have work to do. Feed that monster. Let it fuel your motivation and your desire for a different lifestyle for you, for your kids, and for your future. Allow it to fuel your desire to be part of a better environment. Let it fuel your love and passion for whatever it is that you’re chasing. Don’t give up on that dream, work towards it always.  A dream without the work is just a wish.

photo-1429051781835-9f2c0a9df6e4As for me, I want my words to be read and loved by the masses.

This is just a step on that path. I can’t stop with this post. I couldn’t stop with every literary agent that turned down one of my novels. I will make them eat and regret every rejection letter. Every author you know was rejected multiple times before someone took a chance on them. Your time and mine will come. Don’t lose faith in yourself. You’re not the only one that has ever been turned down and been said no to. It’s a part of life. When it happens get back in your gym, either real or metaphorical, and get back to work. Never stop getting better. Ask yourself; do you have the inner ability, the belief in yourself and the tireless drive to say, ‘Okay, cool. You said no, but it’s on to the next’.

Now I ask, what motivates you?

When everybody else is asleep, what is going to motivate you to get up at three in the morning on a cold day to get your mile run in? When you get that “no”, what motivates you to push through? Focus on the cheers; they will come. Remember that what happens in the dark eventually comes to light.


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