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Pimp C

Every few years we’re granted with the presence of an individual that go out and become the voice of the voiceless. These individuals dedicate their whole lives empowering other people to help them overcome the struggles of life. Pimp C was that voice for the south. Not only did he go out and revolutionize the rap industry, but he gave hope to the hopeless. Pimp C was bigger than just a rapper, Pimp C was the spirit of Houston.


The East coast had Biggie and the West coast had 2Pac, but here in the South we had Pimp C. Country Rap as Pimp called it, went out to revolutionize the whole sound of the rap game. Even to this day, you can hear the influences of the south all across the country. Without Pimp C Houston wouldn’t have the presence it had in the 2000’s. Although Pimp was a controversial individual, he never turned down from speaking from his heart. He told the people what they didn’t want to hear. And in the midst of his release from prison in 2005, he single-handedly brought the whole city of Houston together. The city was being torn against each other through petty altercations, but Pimp C brought everyone together and had them end the bullshit to go out and make the most money possible from the rap game. It was a beautiful thing seeing artist from all throughout the city work together as one.

Houston hasn’t been the same since his death. Although there are emerging artist throughout the city, instead of coming together and supporting one another, most artist are out for personal gain. Houston needs another voice like Pimp C, to help bring artist together and show them what they can achieve when they come and build as one.

But regardless of what the rap scene looks like in Houston, Pimp C will always be a great example of what it takes to make it in the rap industry. Never changing who he was, Pimp C was a presence throughout the city and the country. Sharing his gift with the world not to please anyone, but to show others that a kid from the ghetto can make it too. Pimp

Being from Houston, we looked up to Pimp C as kids, not for his flashy lifestyle, but for the words he spoke in his music. We were living through what he was speaking, which is why his voice resonated with the culture of the south. I still remember the first time I heard his verse on Big Pimpin with Jay-Z, it was as if we all had made it. His verse alone put Houston on the map, as a city filled with heavy hitters and style that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else.

There might not never be another Pimp C, but his music and work ethics will always live in our hearts. His passion for music was beyond our understanding and it will never be forgotten as the spirit of Houston.

Long Live the Pimp.

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