Is Being in Love More Addicting than Cocaine?

Personally I’ve never done cocaine a day in my life, so I don’t have the slightest clue of what a cocaine addiction feels like. But I have been in love before and I know how addicting that can be. Love and cocaine are both drugs that physiologically heighten all 5 senses (Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Taste). But even though these two drugs can bring an intensive euphoria, both of these drugs have the power to destroy everything about us mentally and physically. So which out of the two is healthier? Love or cocaine?

If I was forced to choose one of the two, I’d probably choose love. Love to me is a beautiful emotion that we humans have the capability of experiencing. Like cocaine, being in love gives you a euphoric feeling that every second you spend with an individual becomes an addiction. And the more time you spend with someone you’re in love with, the more you want. Your whole life revolves around this one drug and everything that you do is to get an extra taste of the drug. But why is love so addicting? Why is it that when we break off relationships we go months craving the drug we once had?

There is only one true answer to why love becomes so addicting even months after break ups and that’s because love doesn’t ruin what was, love ruins what it could’ve been. It shatters everything that the relationship could’ve been in the future and that’s why it hurts so much. We go months of having withdrawals but the only way to really get over it is to find a new drug to get high to. Similar to cocaine, after the high wears off, you search for a new drug or you up the dose to get a more intensified high. There are countless of brain studies that show the same brain pathways and structures being active during love and the use of cocaine, so it comes to show why the two correlate to one another.

Love is a powerful emotion and it can get us to do anything. We’d move mountains just to please a person emotionally even if the person’s heart isn’t all in. We’d drive for hours just to see a person for a couple of minutes. Even if the person has caused us pain, we want more of the addiction. It’s tough to be in love and it’s something we might not ever understand just by being with one individual throughout our life. Like everything else in life, there is going to be trial and error with love. Love is one of those things that there is no way of preparing for it because it’s so complex, but as long you know what it is you want from your companion, there is nothing you can’t handle.

There are many people across the globe who try to avoid the two simply because of the addiction factor in the two, but what if one of the two could bring you complete happiness? What if it had the power to make you whole? Would you pursue to find the drug? There are a lot of things we have yet to discover about being in love, but every person’s experience is different just like every relationship is different. Shit, there might be people who’ll choose cocaine over love because it’s easier to suppress the emotions alone than with someone else. I cant sit here and tell you what to choose, but all I can say is choose wisely.

Pick your poison.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug- Rick James

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