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Hello everyone, welcome to a few words about myself.  My name is Derrick Anthony Marrow.  Though if you know me personally, you just call me D.  Or if you’re below a certain age, you probably call me Coach D.  I coach football, basketball, and baseball.

image1Now to the reason you have clicked on my bio: Why do I write?  I write to feel the words from my over-hyper mind.  It helps me to get my thoughts out there.  Like all writers, I write to share my thoughts with my audience.  To people that think the same and to those that think contrary to me.  I am not afraid of another’s perspective.  I love to have a great conversation. What you will read from me will vary but it all will come from the lens of who I am.  I am not and cannot be someone else.  Now who am I?  I happen to be a father, a coach, a dreamer, a writer, and at my core, a kid born and raised in Philly.

I don’t have a particular writing style nor do I like to pigeonhole my writing or topics.  I just write.  Novels, poetry, short stories, blogs, even music lyrics.  I have an eclectic music taste (I’ll give you a hint: I listen to anything with good lyrics). As diverse as my birth city is, as my experiences are, that’s the way I see myself; as a true author and renaissance man. That diversity, those diverse topics, is what I’ll share with you.  I am afraid of no topic.  I am a firm believer of giving you the truth even if you are not prepared or willing to accept it.  But most of all, I write and deal and interact with respect.

What led me to where I am now? I really don’t know. I’ve been writing since seventh grade where I started because I was the new kid and bored in class one day.  I just never stopped.  Where it will lead me?  I don’t know.  But I hope you come along for the ride.

You can connect with me here:

Twitter: D_Anthony_M


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