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meIssac Prado was born and raised in the heart of deep South Texas. Not San Antonio, not Corpus Christi, but along the area of the Rio Grande Valley. Graduating with honors and a few steps ahead of his class, he obtained his degree of science in environmental engineering and continued to follow the standard American Dream.

As a young buck, his mom would actually carry around a pen and paper so he could stay occupied while they shopped for groceries or roamed the mall with his sisters. Writing was always in his blood. Then, one day, a whole paradigm shift and lifestyle change came about.

After a year of working for Corporate America, he decided to drop the labels society would like to foist upon people, and began to unleash the entrepreneur and philanthropy beast within. Using his engineering and project management experience, he started small social enterprises dealing organic gardening education, park clean-ups and local community events which then sparked the inspiration to do more in search for his passion and life purpose. 14813503_1588457074513928_972593814_n

He has traveled to Asia, beginning with China, and has since moved on to Vietnam. He shares the benefits of the plant-based diet, inspires people through his blog, health and fitness, public speaking, and of course more environmental remediation, regeneration and sustainable projects in Vietnam.

While he travels the rest of Asia, he continues to spread good vibes through his social media platforms and his fast rising lifestyle blog.

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