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IMG_2963Hello folks,

I’m Matthew Arrant, born and raised in West Covina, California. I’m the second oldest of 3 children. We are products of a veteran father and a mother who is a caretaker. Growing up in a rural area of California meant everyday was a battle. I struggled as an adolescent trying to find my identity. Music and sports played a huge role for me. I was always active, whether it was playing in the city championship, or listening to my favorite rappers; pretending to be them. That’s when I IMG_7656found writing. I would listen to those lyrics that meant a lot to me which allowed me to become something I was not for a moment. I soon realized how powerful words could be.

I began writing my own lyrics, hoping one day to make music; telling my own story. Although I never made it with music, I transitioned to writing poetry. I would write day and night. Writing was my escape from the reality outside my door. It opened many doors for me. I began attending open mics periodically, I created a blog where I displayed my work, I found a sense of direction I wanted to take in my life; which involves writing.

To me, words are so powerful. All those words I would ink onto the paper slowly became my thoughts, ideas, simply verbs. Words are powerful. My goal is to make material that’s relatable. I want the words to have such an affect that the reader feels exactly what they’re reading as if they were in that exact moment.

My journey is just beginning. I feel I am at my peak. I’ve surrounded myself with incredible individuals who are uplifting, motivating, and most importantly, supportive. I just want to touch as many people as I can on this journey with my words. The best is yet to come.

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  1. Your words and writing skills are changing your life as we speak. I have no doubt that you will create a spark in the minds of many to do more than they ever thought possible. Real recognizes real. And you Matt are a real one my friend. The positivity is infectious and that’s what this world needs. Positive people who want nothing but to help others. This isn’t your peak my friend. Its you warming up. I look forward to see what other content you create.

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