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I’ve known Kleva for about 5 years now and every time him and I meet, I can sense the growth within him and his music. Kleva and I met through our fraternity Omega Delta Phi back in 2011 and ever since we’ve been cool. Kleva was born and raised in Houston, TX and is a graduate from The University of Texas. But even though he’s a college graduate, music is where his passion lies.

Every time I speak to Kleva I can see how passionate he is about his music. I got a chance to see him in the studio and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s going places. When you get to witness people working on their craft, you can really tell if their heart is really in it. Kleva is all in. When you have everything to lose, your drive will push you further than anything else because you want it just as bad as your next breath. You believe it in your heart and nothing can stop you from achieving those goals.

Kleva never falls to society standards and never compromises his art for the satisfaction of others. He does what he wants and that’s what makes him special. So many artist today are worried about their image more than the art. They’re scared to try things outside of the box and go against the norm.

Check out his music at and his soundcloud page at  be on the lookout for his coming LP “El Guapo”

Here is Kleva’s Day in A Life!

Watch last week’s Day In A Life video here

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