New Year Resolution Tips And How To Keep Them

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2017 has quickly approached. A new year is a refreshing feeling; an opportunity to leave the old in the past and bring in the new year with a determination to make a change for the better. This is the moment where you can make a difference. Why wait until next year, if the time is here now? How will you make a difference in your own life? Will you lose hope when things get tough, or will you fight through it to finally accomplish the things you desire the most? Whatever your decision is, get to it now.

A new year is always great time to set new goals, but the hard part is staying focused and keeping the same drive for months to come. It’s a constant battle of self doubt and wanting to give up. Most people don’t make it past the first month with their new year resolution/goals. Maybe their goals don’t have the proper foundation or maybe they don’t want it enough. Whatever it is, there always has to be a driving force for why you do what you do so quitting doesn’t come to easily.

My family drives me. Every day when I don’t feel like continuing my journey, I realize why I’m doing this; to give them a better life. To me, it’s not about the money or the societal status, I’m simply trying to give my family a better life. I want to put them in a position where they have a chance to follow their dreams and understand that with hard work anything is possible. This journey of mine is deeply rooted and is way bigger than just me. There are people who are counting on me to show up and grind every day. It’s not easy to have all that pressure, but the mere thought of giving people in my community some hope makes it all worth it.

So how do I manage to keep the same drive? After failing so many times, how do I continue to get back up and keep trying? Everyone is different, and everyone has a different purpose, but if you place your goals accordingly there shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t succeed.

  • When you’re setting your new year goals always make them plausible, don’t over exaggerate by trying to become a millionaire in one year. It doesn’t work that way, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Set a goal that you think you can reach, but make sure that the goal frightens you a little.
  • Once you have a general goal, break that goal down to monthly or quarterly goals that will get you closer to reaching your main goal. This will hold you accountable for each month. It will help you stay focused and continue the same drive you had.
  • Find out what drives you. If your main drive is materialistic gain, then you’ll probably be one of those individuals who gives up after the first month. There has to be a reason why you wake up every morning, a reason why you decide to work on your goals after a strenuous day at work. If you don’t have that reason, your goals don’t work.
  • Lastly, the chase. This is what separates the strong from the weak. The chase is a 24/7 365 days a year hunt. There are no days off or vacation days. If you really want to accomplish something, you have to understand that your goals don’t care whether you’re tired and you need a break. If you feel as if you need a break every month, your goals will continue to be goals, and they will never become achievements. Keep in mind that you will lose some sleep, you will lose friends during this process, but if you aren’t willing to make those sacrifices, then you aren’t ready to accomplish your goals.

Every new year you should always strive to become better than the person you were last year. If you don’t accomplish your goals this year, it’s okay as long as you’re putting in the effort day in and day out. We’re not running a sprint, we’re running a marathon to see who can last the longest. This journey of life is a constant self reflection process that will eat you alive if you’re not strong willed. The most important thing you can do at this moment is set your goals, but don’t forget to chase them all year round.

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