Reggae: The music for the Soul


Reggae has influenced cultures all over the world for over 50 years now. The beauty of the music goes far beyond the lyrics and sounds but the expressionism behind the genre. Musicians of the Reggae create a sounds that purifies the soul and frees the spirit of any negative aura. Not only is a beautiful rhythm created in reggae but a certain vibration that aligns you with the vibration of the universe. When was the last time you heard someone listen to reggae music while they were upset?

In reggae there is far more music than just Bob Marley. Although Bob Marley and the Wailers where the forefront of the reggae movement, there are other artist who have taken the genre of reggae to the next level, but you always have to respect the legends. I Shot the Sheriff will always be a classic. But in the midst of the Bob Marley world, other artist are overshadowed by the Bob Marley image. Ever hear Black Roses by Barrington Levy? Or Young Lover by Cocoa Tea?(song at the bottom) Both great songs that probably can go neck to neck with any Bob Marley song.

But Reggae is far more than just a competition between artist. All reggae music promotes the life of a free spirit while spreading love and positivity to every corner of the earth. What better genre to listen to right? But often the image of reggae and Jamaican culture gets portrayed in the media as a culture filled with marijuana smoking individuals that gets an overall bad rap. But did you know that most Jamaicans treat marijuana smoking as a sacrament than anything else. It is how they become one with mother earth and become free of the negative energy that surrounds the world. So why judge another free spirit?

Regardless of what people think of the reggae music, listeners see the music beyond what everyone portrays it to be. You be the judge by taking a listen and seeing for yourself. If you’re new to the genre here are some of the artist you should take a look at:

  • Bob Marley (this is a given. I doubt there is a place in the world where Bob Marley isn’t recognized. Favorites include: Three Little Birds, One Love, Jamming, I Shot the Sheriff)
  • Bunny Wailer (formerly a musican with Bob Marley and the Wailers band. But his career took a turn when he decide to go solo and create a name for himself. Favorite songs: Black Hearted Man, Rise & Shine, and Searching for Love)
  • Peter Tosh (also another member of the Wailers who went on to create a name for himself. Most popular songs include: Legalize it, Equal Rights, Here Comes the Sun)
  • Buju Banton (currently incarcerated but his music is timeless, most popular songs: Murderer, Wanna be Loved, Champion, and Boom Bye Bye)
  • Barrington Levy (One of my favorites. Most famous songs include: Here I Come, Murderer, and Black Roses)
  • Cocoa Tea (Currently my favorite, most popular songs are Young Lover, Good Life, and She loves me now)

And the list goes on and on. You really have to go out and find what artist really fits your ear. There are many sub-genres that go into reggae from dancehall, dub, ragga, etc. Each of the artist listed above have a different sound and it’s definitely something to take a look at.

Reggae is a genre that has been around my life since I was a kid and it’s not until now that I finally understand the beauty of it all. I normally play reggae throughout the day while I’m writing to set the tempo. I’ve been a hip-hop fanatic my whole life but finally I’m embracing my reggae roots that have been around since a kid. Start your day off with some reggae music and come to understand why reggae is the music of enlightenment.

(Here’s Cocoa Tea performing Young Lover)

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