There are NO rules to this game of life


In life there are no rules. There is no set of guidelines on how live this life, you are the only one on the planet that can determine how you will live the rest of your life. Throughout your life you will have influences from your parent, governments, teachers, professors, religion, etc but only you can decide what to pick and chose what will influence you. So if there are no rules, why is it that most of us try to follow a certain path that someone else has paved for us? Why is it that we try and follow their rules? Why is it that instead of asking “why” we simply go with the flow and never go against it?

There’s only one way to live life. The only right way is to be happy and love what you do. But why is that most of us would much rather put someone’s happiness before their own? At one point in my life I was led to believe that someone else’s happiness mattered more than my own, but that was crazy for me to even think that way. So while I’m suppose to make someone else happy, I’m going to feel miserable? That sounds idiotic. Later on I realized my own happiness mattered more than anything else on this planet.

For most of us we want to make our parents happy and proud of us, but there’s a gap that we’re not understanding. We’re missing the point that yes our parents want us to get a good education, but whatever it is we choose to do, all they want is for us to live a better life than them. When I left college, for a long time my mom doubted the path I had chosen to take. She had all the right in the world to be nervous, but what she didn’t understand was that writing is what completes me and makes me happy. Soon she began to see what kind of dedication I had towards my craft and she began to understand that not only was I following my passion, but I was growing as a human being to become an all around better individual. Not to mention she saw how happy I was from doing something I love. No parent will ever hold their kids back if they see what kind of love they have for a certain career, as long as their kids are happy then that’s all that matters to them.

Sometimes we have to be willing to take those risk regardless of what others will say because at the end of the day there are no rules. As long as you’re happy then nothing else really matters. If every day you feel miserable going to class or you feel miserable in any relationship, then why are you doing them? You might think you see a possible future from where you currently stand but if you’re miserable now, don’t you think the same misery will spill over down the line? Take off the glasses the are blinding you and open your eyes to the reality of life.

I cant tell you how to live life. There are no books out there with the proper depiction on how to live. The only rule there is to life is to be happy. I cant show you how to become happy either, you have to dig deep inside of your heart to find that answer for yourself. But when you do, life is hell of a lot better than what you thought it was. So go out and find the answers of life, but just know there will be more questions than answers, so keep your cool! The answers will find you when you’re ready. Believe me.

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