Why you’re making someone else’s dreams possible


At this second, what is holding you back from accomplishing what you desire? Bills? Money? Time? Work? Those all sound like valuable excuses, but are they really? Or are you the one that’s holding yourself back? Because if you really wanted to achieve something, wouldn’t you make the impossible possible? You’re probably thinking right now, well I have priorities. But isn’t living life a priority?

I often ask myself why is it that it took me so long to find my passion for writing? Writing has always been in my life, but it took years before I even decided that this was something I truly loved. What sparked inside of me, to finally open my eyes?

I simply woke up one day and said to myself that the life I was living wasn’t really living. I felt miserable going to class every day learning about something I had no intentions on learning. Every day that went by I felt as if my life had no specific purpose. I was holding myself back from everything I ever wanted to accomplish and I couldn’t get out of the cycle. Not to mention society led me to believe that by going to school I could achieve everything I ever wanted, but was that really true? Or was on route to make the dreams of someone else possible, instead of my own?

Finally when I made the jump to finally take writing seriously I constantly had people in my ear tell me how much of a mistake I had made. From “There’s no money in writing” to “ Writing isn’t a real career” but I didn’t care about people’s opinions about MY journey. I left school with $24,000 in debt, maxed credit card bills, overdue bills, etc so you really think money was my concern? Nothing was going to change the decision I had made. Nothing was going to hold me back from what I wanted the most, especially not a piece of paper. I stopped making excuses and made a change for myself because I knew it was something that would complete me entirely. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life thinking what if and I for damn sure didn’t want to work for someone else the rest of my life.

Many people today will go on to live the rest of their life thinking what if. They’ll die and never accomplish anything or make the jump because they’ll continue to hold themselves back. Is that the life you want to live? I cant live my life knowing I could’ve made a change, not only in my life but in the lives of those who surround me.

It’s tough to make the first jump into a life outside of the norm and it’s definitely not easy, but once you jump you’ll never go back to living the way you used to. Your whole perception of life shifts and you tend to appreciate the little things throughout your path. You don’t let anything hold you back anymore and you stop making the excuses you used to make. You start living and doing everything you can to make the impossible possible. And most importantly, you’re making YOUR dreams possible.

Wouldn’t you rather live this way? I know I would. I would rather risk it all then work at a desk job , making someone else’s dream possible. And if I die never accomplishing my goals, at least I know I did everything in my power to achieve what I desired the most. Stop holding yourself back from greatness, you are capable reaching unreachable heights. Go out and start living. Make the jump. And when life hits you in the face, don’t be afraid to keep going, little by little everything will start coming together and soon you’ll be living the life you desire the most.

Don’t deprive yourself from your dreams.

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