Why the Path Towards Success Sucks


The road to success is a hell of a ride. It’s path of self doubt and constant failure. Every day you question whether or not this path is really for you. And just when you think you’ve reached some kind of accomplishment, new dilemmas arise. So is following your dreams really worth it?

When I set out to follow my dreams of becoming a writer, I was willing to give up everything in order to reach this dream of mine. I knew from the start this journey wouldn’t be this easy, but even I have days of self doubt. No matter how confident you are in your craft there will be a day where you question if this path is really what you want. But how do you move forward when you feel as if nothing is going your way?

Sometimes all it takes is a little patience and diligence. No matter how you feel at that exact moment of self doubt, know that any situation shall pass, just as emotions do too. Whenever you give up on anything know that when you finally decide to start up again (because you will try again) you’ll have to start from scratch. It’s not easy believe me, I know, but this is what we love to do. Following your dreams takes a lot of time and energy but know that at any second situations can change.

Even though I write such encouraging words, I forget to read my own advice at times. Ironic huh. But one thing I do know that regardless of what comes, I’m not giving up on this writing dream of mine. We’ve worked too hard to let everything go to waste. Just keep moving forward, you’re almost there.

Have confidence in yourself and your craft, I know it’s hard to believe in yourself at times, but only you can determine what the outcome of your life will be. You have full control. Following your dreams is a rollercoaster ride and sometimes all you can do is wait out the negative outcomes, but like everything else, they too shall pass. Try to enjoy the journey, it’s hard at times, but you’ll never go through these hard times ever again. Then all you’ll do is laugh about the situation.

Keep your head up, you’re almost there. Success is right around the corner.

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