What’s The Hype With Tattoos Anyway?

November 22, 2016 Laura Quinton 1

Tattoos have been around for as long as human kind. Some may argue that it was the first form of self-expression and art. Individuals began utilizing tattoos to identify with their beliefs. Native tribes are known for decorating their bodies [Read More]


Life in Montreal

June 16, 2016 Daniel Q 0

When you immerse yourself into the unknown, you learn more about yourself than a place where you feel comfortable. Living in Montreal has definitely been a culture shock. Nothing I’m accustomed to. From the language to the culture, everything is [Read More]


#FeastFriday | Stuffed Chicken Nuggets

March 11, 2016 Daniel Q 3

Cooking is suppose to be fun, but often TV and other people make cooking feel like a drag. When you find the right recipes cooking can be very exciting! Especially when family and friends compliment on how delicious your food is. [Read More]