Take Control of Your Life.


Regardless of where you get in life people will always question everything you do. No matter how many times you fail and no matter how many times you succeed. But most of the time those same people have no idea what it took to get to where you are. All the nights you battled your thoughts and all the days you fought just to make it through another day, people have no idea. There’s no real way to shut out the negativity that surrounds us because regardless of how much you don’t want to hear it, people will always have an opinion. The only thing we can do is learn to never react and continue to move forward. Life is filled with a lot of bullshit, but underneath all the bullshit there’s a lot of beauty beneath it.

You don’t really understand how many people want you to fail until you start chasing something you’re passionate about. People will talk under their breath waiting for the moment where you fuck up, so they can voice their own opinion about your own life. But when you succeed, those same people will always congratulate you on your accomplishments. It’s a cold world out here and you have to understand that not everyone wants you to succeed. But even through all the negativity there are some people who genuinely care for your well being. These kind of people are cut from a different cloth. Not many individuals will go out of their way just to check how your journey is going. It’s a special bond that lasts a lifetime. These are the kind of people you want to keep around you because they’re the ones who will inspire you and push you to go out into the world and grab what you deserve. Sometimes you have to separate yourself away from the poison that holds you back in order to for your life to progress. Through this journey you have to understand that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. Everyone has a defined purpose beyond our own understanding.

Not many people will understand your journey and not many people will agree with your decisions. Not every decision you make will be right and not every decision will be wrong. As long as you’re the one behind them, you will always continue to grow and learn from them. We live in a world where we’re our decisions are constantly influenced by others, instead of us thinking for ourselves. You have to let go of the doubt and listen to your gut. And if you fuck up from time to time, so what? Don’t let it affect who you are. People will criticize you and doubt everything you do, but you can learn to shut them out. There’s no right or wrong in life, it is only wrong if you let your mind consume the opinions of others.

Throughout my life I let the opinions of others control who I was and I never learned to think for myself. It wasn’t until I shut everyone out and started to make my own decisions that I began to feel alive. It’s a beautiful feeling. But that doesn’t mean everything in my life is perfect. I have to constantly fight for what I believe in day in and day out. Everyone has their own set of demons that they fight on a constant basis. Remember, that no matter how good someone’s life looks on social media, those same individuals are fighting their own battle. Social media post are only the highlights of people’s lives. Don’t ever try to compare yours to someone else’s. All of our journeys are unique and beautiful, but you have to realize that for yourself. And if you can’t seem to find the beauty in your own life, shut off your phones and disconnect from social media and watch how you become more aware of the beauty in your own life.

Not many will understand your journey and everyone will have an opinion, but as long as you stay true to who you are, fuck what everyone else thinks. Cut the bullshit out of your life and begin to live freely doing what you love the most. Remember that YOU are in control. No one else. Everything you do right now will determine how you live the rest of your life. Yes it’s a cold world, but if you’re always focused on the negative aspect of it all, how do you think your life will turn out? Pay attention to the beauty and watch your life change forever.

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