2016, The Year of Chance The Rapper


Is it me or has this year been filled with a bunch of great albums? From YG’s Still Brazy, School Boy Q’s Blank Face, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne’s Collegrove, and even Gucci put out a fire album Everybody Looking after coming out of prison. But out of all those albums there’s only one that really stand out amongst the crowd…

Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper.

I cant even begin to express how perfect this mixtape/album/project (whatever you want to call it) really is. Personally I’ve never followed Chance until this project, so it doesn’t make my opinion biased. But damn, from the first song till the last song everything just flows so perfectly musically. From the choir, the live instruments, and not to mention BARSSSS by Chance and everyone else on the project. In an era where most of the shit put out in the media is negative, Chance gives us something positive to enjoy.

From the jump on the song “All We Got” we hear the magnificent Donnie Trumpet on you guessed it, the trumpet, play this beautiful tune like something out of a symphony introduction. Then comes in the synthesizing, kicks, and drums that was all done by the creative genius Kanye West as Chance explained it on his interview with Zane Lowe. Not to mention the beautiful Chicago Kid’s Choir doing most of the vocals. But this song alone sets the tempo of the whole mixtape. Very harmonic and uplifting. You feel like you’re at church hearing the choir sing their hearts out, but only this choir is on steroids.

Now this next song is probably the song of the summer. No Problem makes you want to ride around the city with the windows down just blaring the song. It’s one of those songs that makes you forget about all the bullshit you got going on. Then with the addition of a verse from 2Chainz and Lil’ Wayne makes this song twice as good. You can really hear the chemistry between all artist especially 2Chainz and Wayne coming off their collab album Collegrove. Definitely one of my favorites from the album.

For the next couple of songs the album takes a slower vibe, but the way the album is structured, this doesn’t necessarily slow the tempo of the whole project. It takes a very introspective turn. But once you hit the song “Mixtape” the project takes a magnificent turn. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Lil Yachty or Young Thug but damnnnn they killed this song. I didn’t know Young Thug had barssss “I got me some rings like I’m Bruce Bowen, I’m ballin’ on you like I’m Chris Paul” enough said. Then Lil Yatchy comes in and surprisingly gives a great verse especially being someone not many people knew before this (at least in my case). Definitely another one of my favorites off of the mixtape.

Next up Angels, I don’t even have to write about this song, it’s a favorite on it’s own. Trust me, barrrrrs for days. And probably one of the greatest hooks of the year, not to mention how ill the video was.

Juke Jam and All Night are great, but How Great truly overshadows the two in my opinion. Who in the world has a choir to start the song and has a verse from god himself (Jay Electronica). Chance the freaking Rapper, that’s who. I’m also not a very religious person, but this song had me questioning my beliefs, that’s how powerful this song is. And anytime we get a Jay Electronica verse I don’t ever expect anything less than greatness.

After that ferocious verse from Jay Electronica the mixtape mellows out but still manages to keep that soulful and uplifting feeling. From the instrumentation to the usage of the choir, the mixtape just makes you feel good. There aren’t many albums today that feel complete, let alone mixtapes. But Chance is a different kind of artist who truly has a passion for the art of music. Most artist throw a bunch of songs together on a project and call it an album, without it even flowing correctly. And for Chance to still be doing this independently is amazing, he’s the epitome of never compromising your art for society standards.

I am now a fan of Chance and everything he’s doing for the industry, especially for the city of Chicago. It’s beautiful to finally see an artist actually be an ARTIST and bring so much positive energy. I’m excited to see Chance grow as the true artist he is. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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