Who Is The Modern Day Artist?

Modern Day Artist


Leccíon Lipoplástica
Lección Lipoplástica – Ronny Pita

Visual art is among the things that have changed due to advances in civilization.

The development of technology has allowed for the utmost human creativity. It has permitted various forms of self-expression throughout the centuries. Art periods have always reflected society itself. Neoclassical and Romantic Art in the 18th and 19th century were modest in comparison to the 20th century Surrealism and present day Contemporary Art.

Ronny Pita
Conciliaciones – Ronny Pita

Museums were created as institutions to preserve history and display works of art to a vast audience. The world of art has advanced. The modern day artist is able to overcome international boundaries. They have the ability to connect with their audience via advances in technology. The Cyber World is not biased to those willing to display their works.

Ronny Pita @ronnypitafineart

Ronny Pita, an Ecuadorian painter, is among the artists whose work can be viewed on online applications such as Instagram. Mr. Pita’s determination to study the Fine Arts motivated him to devote many years to working on being able to enroll in the art institution, Bellas Artes. He hasn’t stopped painting since. He found inspiration while studying famous artists such as Miguel Angel, Da Vinci, and Ingres. In hopes of also becoming a recognized painter, he began exploring and incorporating various methods. He developed his own style, which he identifies as classical Figurative Realism and Contemporary. Ronny has now turned painting into a living. Mr. Pita’s Leccíon Lipoplástica and Conciliaciones currently hang in the Guayaquil Municipal Museum in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Its subject matter integrates relatable icons of the past and present.

Rocky Banks
Rocky Banks

 The modern day artist is not solely a painter.

Creative works are overlooked in people whose craft involves alternative mediums such as music. Rocky Banks, a Houston artist, stumbled onto the world of music by accident. His internal distress drove him to therapeutically write poetry. Through music, he has found purpose in society. Its kept him out of trouble with the law along the way. As he’s matured, his experiences have bled onto his lyrics. “The evolution of mankind, personal experiences, peace, love, hate and the burning desire to achieve maximum potential” are among his inspirations for music. Rocky’s “A lot” video, featured on The FADER, is a visual recollection of his past struggles as are the rest of his songs in his “In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore” album. Rocky Banks’s artistry is designed for people to understand that they are valuable, important, and able to strive by focusing on self-improvement mentally, spiritually and physically.

Highstar @HighstarFilms

Motion pictures, like music, have the ability to provoke human emotion through narration. Advances in the film industry have allowed people to integrate the world around them, even when physically absent. Jose Alcaraz, better known as Highstar, is a freelance videographer who aspires to do just that. While enrolled in college, Highstar acknowledged his lack of interest towards his chosen major, Radiology. In 2015, he decided to change his major to Filmmaking. His motto, “The other side of the headphones,” clarifies what he represents. “I like to capture emotion,” he explains. “Capturing someone’s reaction of their surroundings plays a role in creating real emotions.” Captivating yet simple visuals such as Mac Miller’s music videos were among his first influences. Naturally drawn to the music world, Highstar has created a name for himself in the Houston scene by working with various artists such as Rocky Banks, James Curtis, T2 The Ghetto Hippie, as well as collaborating with music producer, Trakksounds.

Frank Rich
Frank Rich @frankrichco

Wearing garments is solely a human trait. Clothing has allowed individuals to identify and express who they are as beings. Lyonne Richardson is the mastermind behind Frank Rich, a fashionable clothing company. His passion was motivated by the lack of diversity he witnessed within existing designers who recreated popular garments for profit. Leading to overall lower quality. Lyonne believes fashion is a representation of one’s individualism. Each garment has its own voice. Every detail should be delicately thought-out. He describes his mother as “the most creative person I know,” continuously inspiring him. Frank Rich aims to create timeless pieces that express Mr. Richardson’s faith in a fashionable way. He believes fashion is much like poetry, when understood its structure is appreciated.

Innovators like Vincent Van Gogh, were not very wealthy during their time. There were few such as Pablo Picasso, who lived to see their success. Artists were under-appreciated due to their limited resources. The modern day artist has technology at their disposal.

Millennials are redefining what art is through self-expression. Creative works have evolved and become a part of our daily lives.

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