Why You’ll Never Outwork Me


These last couple of days I’ve been itching to find a different forms of inspiration. As a writer in order to create new content I have to constantly surround myself around different inspiring environments to create my own set of ideas, but as of lately things have been at a standstill. I’m in a transition phase in my journey so everything is coming in a little slower than usual. But one thing is for certain though, regardless of what stage my life is in, no one will ever outwork me.

The thing about me is that I still have the same passion as when I started. Every day I’m still fighting for what I believe in. I know my time will come, but until then I have to continue to strive for more. On days I don’t feel like writing I have to keep reminding myself that I haven’t achieved anything in my career just yet. I still don’t have shit and that’s what keeps me going. We all fall in these funks from time to time no matter how motivated and inspired we are, you’re bound to fall into these mental traps, but the only way to shake this vibe off is how you approach it. The minute you start letting your thoughts consume you, is the minute everything you work for stops. I spent 2 whole days fighting my thoughts and I let them beat me. But the third day I realized who here was in control. Quickly my mood to write changed because I realized what was at stake here.

When you’re fighting to make your dreams real, you have to understand that not every day is going to be just as motivating as the first. You’ll have days where you’ll question everything you’re doing. You’ll think about quitting. But you have to remind yourself why it is you’re doing everything for. Chasing your dreams isn’t a sprint but a marathon, so the person who usually outlast all the bullshit the longest are the ones who become successful. I’ve been writing for a year now full-time and to think of all the hours that have gone into the craft are just mind-blowing. So if I quit now, all the countless hours and sleepless nights will go to waste, so I have to continue fighting my thoughts. It’s not an easy thing to do, but YOU are the sole holder of your future. YOU control your thoughts.

So now that the funk is over, it’s back to what I know. It’s time to find new inspirations and continue to work for the goal I set on day one. And the only way to get there is by writing every day consistently. That’s the only way to get better in this game. That’s the only way to outlast the competition. Whether you like the idea of competition or not, just know there’s someone out there trying to achieve what you want. There’s a person who dreams of being a New York Times Best Selling author just as bad as I do. So I can’t waste anymore time because I don’t want anyone to outwork me. We all want success, but who will endure everyone else in order to achieve it? Someone is probably reading this right now and saying “I’m in no competition with anyone, but myself” But I’ll tell you, everyone is in competition with everyone and competition is always healthy for growth in any field. Competition leads to innovation and avoids complacency. In order to make it in this world you NEED to have a slight edge over someone to be successful.

Whatever life stage you’re currently in, continue to fight. Don’t let your thoughts consume you. Work endlessly each and every day until you reach what your heart desires. And even when you reach the top, there’s always work to be done because everyone is trying to take the throne from you. And if you don’t believe in competition, make sure that you’re constantly pushing yourself to strive for more. Outwork yourself if you have to. Realize that you only get a short amount of time to achieve something in life, so use your time wisely. We really don’t have time to just “chill”. Work at your craft consistently and most importantly, never let your dreams die. You control the outcome of your life, no one else.



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