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Day in a Life | Entrepreneur

April 1, 2016 Daniel Q 0

Life of an entrepreneur is an interesting lifestyle. These women and men dedicate their whole lives just to leave the earth better than how they found it. Entrepreneurs sacrifice everything from friendships, family time, relationships, and everything in between of [Read More]


Why the Path Towards Success Sucks

March 15, 2016 Daniel Q 2

The road to success is a hell of a ride. It’s path of self doubt and constant failure. Every day you question whether or not this path is really for you. And just when you think you’ve reached some kind [Read More]


Live Life with an Open Heart

February 23, 2016 Daniel Q 1

During our journey we become self centered and often think the world solely revolves around  us. But in order to open the goodness of your heart and spread love properly is to know how important it is to open your [Read More]

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