Behind Closed Doors — Coping With The Pain


Everyone has personal struggles that they’re fighting behind closed doors.

You may not notice, but that girl/guy sitting next to you on the bus cries themselves to sleep every night or that person sitting alone at lunch just lost a loved one. You just never know what people are going through, and not everyone likes to express their emotions. What we have to do as a society is be cautiously aware of people’s emotional state because you don’t ever want to cause someone more pain. Be kind, generous, non-judgmental, and always find a way to spread your love.

Some of us are more reserved than others. Others feel the need to express themselves to others. We all have different methods of coping with pain, but something we all ponder is “how to deal with the pain”. Sometimes the emotional pain seems unbearable and our usual coping methods seem useless. We’ve all been in that moment before, where the whole weight of the world seems to crush you. You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. The more you think about the pain, the deeper the wounds get. Next thing you know, you’re spiraling into a deep depression that you can’t seem to get out of. Some people might show it and others hide it behind their smile — but humans can only take so much pain before they break down.

We shouldn’t try and avoid the pain.

Just like happiness is a part of our existence; so is pain. It’s important to be present in all emotional states, not just in our most joyous moments. When you’re in pain, feel the emotion and let it overtake you. Cry if you need to. The more you hold on to your pain, the more it consumes you and traps you in that emotional state. You never learn to get over the emotion.

I’ve coped with the pain over the years through writing. I’ve learned that writing down my emotional state helps me be present and allows me to understand what this moment really means. Sometimes overthinking certain situations only causes more harm, but finding the time to write allows you to experience the feeling and move forward. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s better than letting your emotions consume you.

Unexpected events are unavoidable. Sometimes we might be prepared to deal with them and sometimes we might not be. It’s a part of life, but what we can do to be prepared is to try and be present in every moment. Understand that everyone goes through these same emotions at some point in their lives. By hiding your feelings you only do yourself more harm.

Don’t be afraid to express how you really feel.

If you need to write; write. If you need to cry; cry. We’re all humans, and we all have feelings. Next time you see someone who looks as though they need a smile, reach out and comfort them. Be there for people when they seek your help, but even if they don’t—just ask how they’re doing. The world needs more love, so why not help spread it.

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