Is Failure an Option in Your Life?


It’s been over a year since the start of my professional writing career and I cant even tell you how many times I’ve fallen flat on my face. Whether it’s not locking down a specific writing job or making the countless mistakes trying to publish a book. But each of these opportunities has taught me something new. My mistakes have allowed me to grow as a writer so when a similar scenario occurs I don’t miss my shot the next time around. When you make mistakes  that doesn’t make you a failure, all it means is that you have to work a little harder, learn a little more, and evolve with your craft. Use your mistakes as potential growth, not as setbacks. 

When people fail at something they tend to label themselves as failures. They never look at it as a way to grow and learn from the moment. Then they go several days going back and forth trying to figure what went wrong. In life we only get a certain amount to live, so why dwell on the things of the past when you can learn from the situation and apply it to the next? “Oh well I didn’t get the job I wanted” I understand, but millions of people across the world experience that. You have to learn what you did wrong and work on it every day so when the next potential job offer comes along, there’s no reason they turn you down. It’s that simple.

From all my mistakes as a professional writer and author I could’ve easily given up. The moment my book didn’t release on December 15th 2015 I could’ve given up. A year later and still no release I could’ve given up as well. But here I am fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY trying to make this happen. To me I didn’t fail, all they are is just positive setbacks. Maybe a year ago I wasn’t ready to become a New York Times Best Selling Author. But you better believe that my goals haven’t changed a bit. I still work at it like today is my last day on this earth. It’s either become a NYTBS or die trying. And that’s the level of dedication you need to apply to whatever goal you have in mind. You will have moments like mine where you fall flat on your face, but you can either lay there or get back up and continue being the badass that you are.

We can’t avoid mistakes or failures in our journeys, it’s impossible. The best thing we can do is embrace them. I’m not afraid to show people my scars because I’ve dealt with them already, I’ve learned from the situation and I’ve moved forward. One of the main things that holds us back is dwelling on a situation and sometimes that spirals out control and leads into depression, that’s not a place you want to be in. So just because you think you failed at something doesn’t mean you have to label yourself as a failure. The only way you become a failure is if you give up. So get back on the horse and take control of what’s yours.

Something valuable I learned from Eric Thomas is “Be ready so you never have to get ready” and it’s true, when the opportunities arise you want to be prepared so you have no excuses on why you missed upon them. That means whatever mistakes your dwelling on right now just learn from them and move forward. Keep growing in your career and be the best version of yourself, no excuses.

Let’s continue to try and achieve greatness and let these minor setbacks prepare us for a major comeback. It’s all up to you to decide on where your life will head. A failure is only a person who gives up.

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