Fear of Success


The other day someone asked me if I was afraid of not achieving my goals, my response was “I have no room for fear”. When you make room for fear, you make room for doubt. When you make room for doubt, you could lose all hope the first moment that things don’t turn out your way. So how do you keep faith in something that you can’t see right in front of you? How do you keep believing in something that isn’t tangible? When things fail, how do you manage to keep your dream alive? 

I don’t know.

I don’t have the answers. What I do know is that I’ve given up everything for my dream. I left my last year of college to pursue something so unstable. I left behind a beautiful soul, just to chase something that’s not promised. I left my home behind, and it was all because this dream is the only hope I have. From the moment I set foot on this journey I was more than well aware of the consequences that came with every decision that I made. The second I left college, I knew the student loan companies would be quick to s2296b423add6afea6ccf53f49e1a633ftart contacting me for repayment. The second I left that perfect soul, I knew that we would one day grow apart. And lastly, the second I left home, I knew there was no coming back. When you’ve lost it all, what else is there to lose? After having lost everything, it makes you that much more passionate about succeeding because you’re conscious of everything that went into making this dream a reality. So why should I be fearful of the outcome when I’ve lost it all already?

Everything in life is replaceable. The only thing that can’t be replaced is time.I have to use whatever time I have left on this earth to build something that’ll withstand the test of time. Although this dream may seem impossible to others, I have to try. I’m going to try until I no longer have the energy to do so. It might seem impossible to people for a kid from nothing to try and become a New York Times Best Seller, but what do I have to lose? I’ve sacrificed so much only to throw it all away now. So even though my goal isn’t in immediate sight, I have to go into this courageously.

You have to do everything possible to control your fears. Although something might not seem stable at the moment, just know that with persistence and dedication your life can change at any moment. If you let your fears control you, how will you ever know what you can and can’t achieve? In order to make it in this world you have to learn to control your flight response. Otherwise when you reach any hardship in life, your first instinct will be to run away instead of fighting for your beliefPaulo-Coelho-Fear-of-Failure-Quotess.

I don’t have the answers to life and I’m definitely not a guru, but what I can do is share my experiences to make others aware of everything that goes into making something from nothing. From the day I started, people have witnessed my journey. People have seen my successes and my mistakes, but I haven’t given up and I don’t plan on doing so any time soon. It’s do or die trying. A year later here I am; fearless. I know that one day I will reach whatever my heart desires most, but in the meantime I have to work diligently and have a lot of patience because not even Rome was built in a day.

Whatever it is you love, chase it passionately. Be fearless and only listen to what your heart desires. The opinions of others should never dictate the outcome of your life. Go in this wholeheartedly or don’t do it at all.  

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