The Meaning Behind J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only”

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Once again, J. Cole surprises us with an album after 2 years of waiting.

For those who don’t listen to Cole, he is a great storyteller with incredible lyricism, a real people’s champ. Those who do listen to J. Cole will share all the knowledge, love, and appreciation they have for this artist. 4 Your Eyez Only is a lyrical journey brought to us by J. Cole. After listening to the album, I was in complete amazement, as J. Cole delivered another classic. Using his story telling abilities, the title speaks volumes. “4 Your Eyez Only” It’s a direct indirect message to people. At one point, J. Cole is speaking to his wife, his daughter, the daughter of a gone friend, and also the listeners; his fans. J. Cole doing J. Cole things by telling these stories using multiple angles, including third person. Cole brings a preoccupied subject matter with harmony beats, but what is capturing the hearts of his fans, is his voice throughout the album. He sings more throughout this project and you can hear the pain and seriousness in his vocals. His whole delivery is incredible. Credit the production as well– very well put together project.

What does “4 Your Eyez Only Mean”?

Music is universal. It is used as entertainment, healing, uplifting, mostly, it’s relatable. The approach I think J. Cole takes here, is that everyone is going to take in something different from this album. Cole speaks heavily of his hometown, Fayetteville, North Carolina and the struggles of many of the residents, especially young males. They turn to the fast life, filled with violence and more often than not, tragedy. He mentions the “Ville Mentality” where he speaks on people not making it past their city limits unless they make it big time in this world. J. Cole is speaking to all the people in his hometown telling them they don’t have to resort to that lifestyle. The message is universal, also telling others who are from small towns there is hope.

In the album J. Cole sings a few songs to his wife. He mentions their timeline of love which ultimately leads into a song about them having a child and it becomes their greatest gift. He then speaks directly to his wife and child. Others who have had a similar love story like Cole can relate even those who have had a child. Cole gets very deep on these tracks which truly brings out the meaning of love.

On the final track, J. Cole takes a well-rounded approach. This is when his versatility shows the most. He speaks directly to his daughter as if it’s in the future. He also speaks to the daughter of his late friend, James. He mentions many real life problems minorities face in this country. J. Cole uses his platform to discuss social issues, injustice, & the government. With this approach, J. Cole’s album is a story about his friend James whose life happens to be parallel with his. Unfortunately, James is no longer here but Jermaine is here because of the choices he made which leads him tell the story to James’ daughter. Some can say the album is parallel to their life as well. Many things Jermaine speaks about are harmful realities that happen right outside our doors all across the nation. The words J. Cole speaks resonate deep in the hearts of those who can relate to multiple tracks on this album. The message is so clear. J. Cole is speaking to the masses, using his platform for a greater purpose to raise awareness. That’s why the meaning “4 Your Eyez Only” is that J. Cole made a special album just for you believe it or not; he knows you’ll relate, comprehend, and appreciate the words spoken throughout. Cole is speaking from perspective other than his own throughout the whole album. So for everyone who listens this is a special gift for you, for your eyes only.

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