Live Life with an Open Heart


During our journey we become self centered and often think the world solely revolves around  us. But in order to open the goodness of your heart and spread love properly is to know how important it is to open your heart to others. Throughout your journey people will cause you pain and you will hurt, but you must learn to let go and become free.

When I was a kid I held a grudge towards my father for never being around. There was a point where I hated him because I felt as if I needed him in order to resolve the problems of my life. As I grew older I began to try and resent him more and more, but deep down inside there was always pain, no matter how deep I dug those emotions. But when I began my awakened journey I realized I couldn’t just try to resent him, I needed to forgive him. Yes he caused me a lot of pain over the years but those mere emotions where the ones holding me back from growing. Instead of looking at all the negatives of the situations I needed to become more grateful for the positives. This wasn’t a state of mind that occurred from one day to the next, but slowly I opened my heart and let go of the pain. Not only did I begin to see dramatic change in my outlook on life, but I viewed this as an opportunity to learn and share this experience with others.

It’s tough to forgive those who have caused us so much harm but those are merely emotions that we can control and overcome. No, we can’t control the situation, but we can control the outcome from the situation. I used what I once thought was a curse and turned it into a gift to spread love to others. If you constantly live your life holding grudges and wishing bad upon others then your not living your life to it’s full potential. The point of our life is to constantly grow and become better human beings, but if you’re always stuck on the past, then how do you expect to grow?

Having an open heart will cause you pain and I cant promise you that it wont hurt, but as long as you know that you loved and spread kindness the best way possible, the forgiving process will become easier. You might never know a persons intentions but as long as you stay true to your heart, no pain shall last.

Don’t live your life fearing someone will hurt you by having a free heart because it stops you from loving others deeply. Always care for others just as you would like someone to care for you. Regardless of what other’s are doing make sure your spreading love and positivity everywhere you go, that is the only true way to live and make a difference in the world. Live free and never let emotions control your path of this beautiful journey of life.

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Just a kid trying to change the world one person at a time through writing, while spreading love and positivity every step of the way.

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