How to Make the Most of the Little You Have

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We often get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we fail to see that we have everything we need right before us. We’re on a constant rat race chasing this materialistic perception that we think is success, and for what? Societal acceptance? Beats me. We’ve been programmed to think that more is always better, and the less you have means the less you’re worth. However, this is a lie; having less doesn’t constitute a damn thing. Instead of contemplating on the things we don’t have, we need to make the most out of the little we do have.

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Just this past year, I’ve traveled to many different places around the world, and to this day there isn’t a better feeling than coming home and being surrounded by my loved ones.

Family is something you can’t put a price tag on.

It took me a long time to finally realize that my happiness wasn’t in some foreign country. My happiness is where my heart lies and that is with my family. I thought I needed to reach a certain level of success in order to finally understand what the true meaning of happiness was, but in reality, true happiness was always right in front of me. When we’re out chasing something that doesn’t exist, we tend to forget that it’s the little things—like spending time with family—that matter the most in our lives.

We don’t need materialistic objects in order for us to truly enjoy our lives. Yes, they’re nice, but nice things eventually get old, and then we’re out chasing the next best thing. Before you know it you’re in this constant cycle of always wanting more, and it never ends. You never achieve a sense of satisfaction. An example of this is the time I purchased a new car. For the first couple of months, my car brought me a false sense of happiness, but just as fast as it came, that happiness left. It was only a matter of time before my car was just another regular car. It’s the same cycle for all materialistic things. Appreciating the little moments with your family and friends is the type of happiness that lasts a lifetime.

photo-1415226581130-91cb7f52f078In our careers, we’re often chasing that promotion or the next step in our career, but we’re never really stopping to enjoy the journey. I’ve been pursuing my professional writing career for over a year now, and sometimes even I forget to appreciate the growth within my own journey. Although I may not have much to materialistically show for this, there are little pieces of information that I’ve gained and need to cherish because they were a key factor to the advancement of my career. Because of those small things, I’ve made giant leaps and created extraordinary products like this website.

Making the most out of the little we do have is also important to any person’s health. I think about all the sleepless nights I’ve sacrificed in the effort of chasing this one thing, and for what? Not a damn thing. The only thing sleepless nights achieve is taking a toll on our bodies. Instead, we should be out spending time with our loved ones and truly experiencing life the way it was meant to be lived. We put our bodies through so much just to obtain a certain level of success, but at the end of the road — is it really worth it?

We only get a short amount of time to do something meaningful with our lives. Just because our society wants you to chase a materialistic-driven success doesn’t mean you have to conform to that. Find your own happiness in the things you already have, and from time to time take a step back to appreciate this moment of your journey. When we grow old we aren’t going to talk about the materialistic things we had. Instead, we’ll talk about the experiences we enjoyed when we stopped giving a fuck about collecting material possessions.

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