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I was born and raised in Houston, TX and like all 18 year olds after high school, I went to college. I attended The University of Texas at San Antonio for over 4 years and one day, I finally realized school wasn’t for me; so I left. During this moment I didn’t know where I was headed but I knew my life would consist of writing for a living so I set out on a path to continue writing and the more I fell in love with the craft, the more the universe began to put my path together.

12115599_528758533947342_659848741685285961_nWriting became my drug and I became an addict. Throughout my life I’ve always seen writing as just a hobby but I wanted it to be more. I became passionate about everything that I wrote and before I knew it, writing became my life. I set out on a path that was once a dream and now had become my reality.

In August of 2015 I got the opportunity to write my first book “The Kid From Nothing” in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a challenging experience especially being away from family and loved ones. But even through my difficult moments, I knew this was the life I wanted to live for the rest of my life. I had to push through the countless nights where I was writing until 4am because writing was the only thing I had. I risked everything for this one thing and in 4 months I finished writing my first book. All those 15 hour days of writing finally paid off.

Although my first book is completed and we’re getting ready for its release, I still feel the same hunger as when I started. I want more than I currently have because I still truly feel as if I haven’t completed anything. I don’t want to be just a great writer, I want to become one of the best writers of my generation and I won’t stop until I achieve that.

I’m here to inspire and motivate others, to show them that anyone is capable of achieving big dreams. I was once a kid who literally had nothing and now I have the world in my hands. I risked everything for this one dream and I won’t let it slip through my hands. Be the change you want to see in the world and I promise you’ll achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Thank you for following my journey and I hope you find a little piece of yourself through the words I write.snapcode

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