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Kevin is a 26 year old native Texan.  He grew up in the small town (far from any major city) Mexia.  He attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, and earned a degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature.  He spent most of that time at college trying to find his passions by working, making friends, and traveling.

1107151339bDuring his years in San Antonio he traveled to Guatemala for some time and he returned with a greater passion for writing, an experimenting hand in art, and a vision of sharing both.  Since then, he has been writing about and trying to improve on it.

To share his writing, he would attend open mic sessions on San Pedro near the park in San Antonio. Previously, his writings only provided him an avenue in which he could travel his memories and make sense of the world around him.  Much of the world still doesn’t make sense to Kevin.

Currently, he is living in Spain and teaching English, something he enjoys very much.  When he has an opportunity, he still attends open mic poetry sessions.  At the end of the day, he is journaling or cruising the Barcelona streets on his longboard. Kevin is a free spirit, free-thinking, free-styler who writes for pleasure.

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  1. I remember that day and the poker game. The Wild West hasn’t died in Texas. There’s always an open chair at the poker table for you, Kevin. Bring $10 to the Berry Christmas…can you do it again?

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