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At eight years-old my family made the transition from Quevedo, Ecuador to Houston, TX. Needless to say, it was a culture shock.  I felt misunderstood in school because regardless of being placed in ESL classes, no one understood my accent. Determined to learn the language, I dedicated my time to reading bilingual picture books. This is when my love for literature grew. I would spend hours in the Henington-Alief public library picking as many books as my bony arms could carry. During my tween years, my diaries were filled with rhyming poetry. From a young age, I found pleasure in word play.

b&wUpon graduating high school, I decided to join the Army. I was shipped off to Fort Leonard Wood the summer after my senior year. After my training as a military police officer, I reported to my unit, received my active orders to deploy to the Horn of Africa and while in Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, I was introduced to Operation Paperback, a non-profit organization that sends books to troops overseas. When I was not out in the sun fulfilling the 12-hour duty days, I was in my room absorbed in my latest-picked novel. My habit continued onto Kenya during my second part of the tour. It was my escape from my own reality. I found comfort in the smell of old books and the worn pages when feeling homesick.

After my six-year contract with the Army, I enrolled in Houston Community College, choosing criminal justice as my major. Although I believed I wanted to continue in the same field as when I was a service member, I found myself enjoying my English classes a lot more. The semester I took creative writing my sense of direction changed. I was overjoyed when writing. Learning about authors and literary eras excited me. I would often find myself doing my own research.

Fall 2016 is the first semester in which my major is officially Creative Writing. I am determined to dedicate myself to what I love. Literature has always been my salvation when I’ve felt disoriented. Writing brings me happiness. It has given me hope and created an escape. Although I have not found the exact direction in which I want to go as I writer, I aspire to create emotion for readers as many authors did for me. I hope my work generates knowledge and inspires others into pure happiness.


  1. Go Laura. Fight for your dreams. Don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do something. Help others to be better and be succeed in life. I am happy and proud of you!


  2. Impressive! Your page was shared by friend on Facebook (Pamela).
    Press on to your dreams. Shoot for the moon, worst that can happen is you’ll land in the clouds!

    PS. I “enjoyed” Ft. Leonard Wood over 35 years ago. Some places like people you never forget. lol

    • Thank you for checking out the site!
      I am working towards achieving all those dreams :)

      Fort Lost in the Woods is definitely a place I will never forget myself.

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