3 Things All Newbies Can Learn From Networking With Professionals


Just recently, I discovered I had an interest in diving into the world of real estate investing. My interest came from reading books on success and financial literacy. I became so interested that I began studying the subject right away, which led me to attend my first ever Real Estate Investors Association.

Do you realize how daunting the title of that group sounds to a 24-year-old who knows very little on the subject? I was extremely anxious and wondered, “what if I don’t belong there?” I mean, I was flat broke, far from an “investor”, and had almost zero knowledge on the subject. It turns out, the experience was life-changing, and I was more than welcomed to the meeting.

Here are 3 things I learned after networking with professionals as a complete newbie:


  1. Even though they were professionals, these people were there to answer each other’s questions.


Although the people who attended were older and more experienced than I was, they were seeking to get their own questions answered. Those in attendance were of all different skill levels, and they were happy to have me join the group. It was a unique experience because everyone there seemed to be on the same page and strive towards similar goals. This community allowed everyone to share their knowledge and offered the opportunity to ask questions to others who may know the answers due to personal experience. I knew immediately that attending these meetings regularly could be an invaluable resource to me once I stepped my game up a little bit. I also learned that attending these meetings without knowing what to expect is a big, yet important first step. I left the meeting that night with a few new contacts under my belt, and these people were more than willing to help and answer my questions.


  1. It was refreshing being able to network with like-minded people.


Learning a skill on your own can be a daunting task in and of itself. Before the meeting, I had spent countless hours watching videos, reading books, and listening to podcasts in order to get a basic understanding of the subject. While I were there, to my pleasant surprise, many others had read the same books, listened to the same podcasts, and so on. I thought that was the best part of the meeting. The most frustrating part about learning about a new subject on your own is not being able to discuss it with those closest to you. It was extremely refreshing to be able to refer to book authors by name and discuss key learning points from the books. I had never felt so excited discussing books in my life!

I’m sure you’ve heard that surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help you reach your goals — well, I believe it is very true. It’s one thing to simply read something in a book, and it’s another to get advice from someone who has actually done what this book has said. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals has been the best decision I’ve made in my quest for more knowledge.


  1. This meeting was the beginning of my new career.


One meeting; that’s all it took to reassure me and give me more confidence that what I was doing was the right thing. Trying to learn on my own may have been much more difficult and would have taken more time in order to fully understand the subject. Through this meeting, I was able to find a mentor, someone who has been in the business for years and is willing to help me learn. How cool is that?!

Since this meeting, I’ve been studying full-time and have attended much larger networking events for real estate. I’ve had lunch with another fellow investor, and my mentor invited me to one of the largest networking clubs in San Antonio, TX. Did I mention I did all of this in a span of only two and a half weeks?! By immersing myself in this environment and seeking out other people who wanted the same thing I did, I was able to minimize my learning curve and jump into real estate sooner than I ever imagined possible.


Today, I am THIS close to pitching my first real estate deal.


Yes, in just two and a half weeks, I have enough confidence to say that. Thanks to my mentor I was introduced to hundreds of others interested in learning real estate and seasoned investors alike. I have a three-day seminar lined up in January, and I couldn’t be more excited. After this seminar, I should have all of the knowledge necessary to get started–knowledge given to me by seasoned, successful investors.

Whatever it is that you would like to pursue, I highly encourage you to seek organizations, meetings, clubs, and events where you can meet like-minded people. I don’t think I would have gotten where I am today at super-speed without having attended that first meeting. At my first meeting, I was afraid of rejection, afraid of looking foolish, and afraid that my age would be a limitation. You have no limits. You and your fear are all that could ever stop you. It would have been a shame if I had let fear stop me from achieving everything that I have so far. Today, I am no longer afraid. In fact, my fear of people and public speaking is slowly diminishing. You have to tackle your fears head-on, otherwise, you will never be able to grow, nor will you be able to succeed.

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