Road To Success Series: Goals

Do you currently have any goals — serious goals?

Do you want to become a millionaire, own a successful business, or become well-known for any specific skill? In order to achieve any of these things, you have to be serious, and you have to set goals for yourself. You simply cannot expect to achieve great things if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want to achieve. What does setting and achieving goals look like?

Having set goals should require you to have a set time every day to work towards achieving it. Don’t have time? Make time. We have so many potential distractions today such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, or Youtube. Dump them. Break up with them if you have to. Make time. If you do choose to use them, make sure you’re using them to learn something beneficial towards your goals. The truth is, everyone has time, you just have to be willing to make things happen. How bad do you want it?

I, personally, got rid of all my distractions.

I sold my television and couch, canceled my Netflix subscription, and swapped it all for a desk and some books. I got serious so that I could get to work. I had to make time for my goals, and I chose to chase my goals instead of wasting time on the couch. If you really want something, you need to begin to analyze how you spend your time. You will begin to realize how much time you actually waste and how many opportunities you can create every day. You have time.

Small goals should be set for each day and for every week.

These are things you know you can get done within those small time periods that will eventually help you reach your long-term ultimate goal. This could be learning through reading and/or practicing, essentially, figuring out the small details. Work up to your big goal slowly, but first, take the time to figure out all the small steps in order to get there. What do you need to do? Write down 20 different ways you could achieve your goals. Pick up books and read them. Not just read them, but digest them and learn what’s in them. If you’re not learning anything from what you’re reading, then you’re not passionate enough. Get out there and practice. If you’re not practicing what you’re learning, then you’re not fully understanding what it is that you’re doing.

I’ve had many different goals during my lifetime. The first goal you choose isn’t always going to be the one you stick with. You have to find the one you’re passionate about or maybe, like in my case, you just want to go bigger. My current goal is to become an investor in real estate. Let me tell you, though, I don’t have but a dime to my name. You might think I’m crazy for dreaming so big, but if you don’t dream big, you’re only setting limits for yourself. All you have to do is figure out how you’re going to get there and believe you will get there. I have made time to study and read every single day. I learn something new every single day. I go out and practice what I’m learning as much as possible. Most importantly, I go out and find people with similar goals.

Sometimes, having goals means you must immerse yourself in the environment you wish to be in.

Learn from people who are already doing what you want to do. This is super-duper important. It makes a world of a difference. Who better to answer the questions you may have than someone who already knows — someone who had to start exactly where you are. You can do this by finding local groups, clubs, meetings, or online networking. The internet is a fabulous tool when used correctly. Start to think of ways you can utilize the internet to facilitate meeting your goals. Find webinars, chat rooms, online forums in which people with similar interests interact. Find these groups online or in person, go to them, and expand your opportunities. Nobody will ever see or hear you if you’re not putting yourself out there.

Do what you have to do in order to get to where you want to be. Wishing has never done anything for anybody. Remember that. Next time you want to say, “I wish I had a million dollars”, instead say, “One day, I will have a million dollars”. Know your goals, don’t just wish for them. Do what others are not willing to do in order to reach your goals. That means doing something more frequently than most people would. For example, if you want a successful blog and see other successful blogs posting three times a week, then you need to post every day.

People who do not set goals give up quicker.

Know your goal, never give up, and you will forever be ahead of the game — ahead of all the people who are on their couch watching Netflix instead. You have to know you will get there. As real estate guru, Grant Cardone says, “be obsessed, or be average”. You have to know your goals and know why you want to be there. You need to be passionate and be willing to do what others are not willing to do. If you’re not taking all the necessary steps it takes to get there, then you’re more likely to give up.

You’ll know when you’re getting closer to your goal. You’ll know because you will not only know more, but you will also feel different. You will feel like a different person. You will have a feeling of the ‘old you’ versus the ‘new you’. The ‘new you’ no longer wastes time. You use your time wisely, you hang out with others with similar interests, and you have tangible significant improvement. This feeling doesn’t take long to achieve as long as you’re working efficiently. Getting to this point only helps your goals become much clearer. It’s like you’re working to get a view from the top. Keep climbing, keep working, and you’ll eventually get there. If you decide to give up and climb all the way back down when you’ve made it halfway up, well, that’s on you. Keep going, be passionate, and always remember exactly what it is that you want.

These might not be things you wanted to hear. It takes a lot of effort, for sure, but for someone who is passionate, makes time, and does not want to give up, these are just sacrifices you have to make in the meantime in order to get to your goal. Find something that you’re passionate enough about—so passionate that you’re willing to go through all of these steps just to achieve it. If you’re not passionate, then you’re not obsessed, therefore you will be more likely to fail. Your job now is to find what you’re passionate about, what your goal is, and how you’re going to achieve it. After that, you need to hit the ground running. Ready, set, go!


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