Road To Success Series: Habits For Success


It is important to evaluate your daily habits if you want to create an environment of success for yourself. You can start by changing known bad habits you may have such as drinking too much alcohol and pressing snooze too many times, but that would leave you with a long to-do list. It is important that you focus on keystone habits that will create change in your life like a domino effect. Those are the habits that will change all the other bad habits you might have. You want to work on changing what’s on the outside and also what’s going on on the inside.

Working on what’s on the outside means taking care of your health. You want to become successful, you want to achieve your goals, so you must take care of your body.  What is wealth without health? Creating habits that improve your physical capabilities can speak volumes and can make a difference in other parts of your life. You have nothing to gain but confidence, strength, and a feeling close to indestructibility.

You want to get into a workout routine. You can choose whatever type of workout is your favorite, but choose one that challenges you. I can tell you from personal experience that challenging yourself physically can make you feel better mentally. You get confidence that you can, in fact, do more. You can set goals for yourself and see that if persistent enough you can, in fact, reach big goals. Most importantly you learn that the only real limitation you have is yourself.

StockSnap_D8SW90PLFXTaking care of your body is also taking care of your mind. It lets you release some of your insecurities. You’re getting stronger, maybe even losing some weight, which in return can give you a clearer mind with less clutter. The last thing you want to have to worry about when pursuing your dreams is how you feel about your own body. Take care of it daily, and it will instead become a vessel that facilitates whatever dream you want to reach.

People ask me where I get the motivation to sit down and write everyday or work on whatever project I may have on a daily basis. It’s simply a habit, and it starts every morning in the gym. The gym helps me clear my mind, my insecurities, and it gives me time to set my goals for the day. I made it a habit to get up, go to the gym, have breakfast, and get to work. If I deviate from these habits, I lose my direction.

Having a workout routine can help eliminate other bad habits you may have.

When I established my own, I tackled the issues of waking up too late, eating a poor diet, and drinking excessive alcohol. I no longer wanted to do these things. I had a set schedule and set goals for every day, so if I were to fall back into old habits then it would disrupt my entire day. I had to wake up early so that I could get my workout in, if not, I didn’t feel productive. If I continued having a poor diet then all my efforts in the gym were going to waste, so that was something that eventually had to change, and it did. Finally, alcohol was really setting me back, but by establishing a better habit I realized I had to turn away from it if I were to reach my goals. Changing one keystone habit can change much, much more.

Going to the gym teaches you that the only real limitation you have is yourself, but you need an extra push to get you over the edge—a positive mindset. You must believe in everything that you do. You must make yourself happy. You have to learn to see the good in everything and never the bad.

There are enough negative things to think about in this world, and often those are all that we focus on.

What about the bright side of things? There is always a lesson to be learned in negative experiences, and we always tend to overlook them. A successful person knows, though, that it’s more important to take what you learned from something and forget about the negative aspects. They know that if they don’t believe in themselves, then who will? They know that the only way to be happy is to make yourself happy.

My niece is quite the character and there is no doubt in my mind that she would be a great actress. She told me just the other day that she had tried out for her school play but didn’t get the part.

I asked her why and she said, “they liked me, but they said I didn’t fit the part”.

My niece is 9 years old. Her experience trying out for a play for the first time was not what she was expecting. I made sure she was not discouraged. I wanted to teach her to believe in herself, to take what she learned from her experience, and try again.

I told her, “all you have to do is try again next year because next year at least you will know exactly what to do. If you don’t try, you will never know, but if you do try again a second time, you might get the part.”

“Or the third time, third time’s the charm,” she chimed in.

I was teaching her to understand that her failure the first time did not mean it would never happen for her. She could either be upset about it or work harder next time and even go for it a third time if the second time didn’t work out either. She had to believe in herself, and she did. It was beautiful to see the light come back in her eyes when I explained to her how her failure could make her better. A positive mindset is very, very important.

If you can create a habit of finding the good in every bad situation you will live a happier and more productive life, no doubt about it. A positive mindset is what will give you the drive to keep going. Like the saying goes

“when the going gets tough, the tough keep on going.”

The tough people are the ones leaving their negative experiences behind and keeping only the good that came out of their situations. It’s important to be able to look at life from this perspective. Otherwise, you will never have reason to continue pushing towards your goals.

Your body is a machine. You must make sure it is running efficiently both inside and out. Do this, and you can move forward to your ideal destination with ease, without breaking down or having to turn back. Create healthier habits so that health isn’t an obstacle. Also create a habit of positive thinking so that you aren’t your own obstacle. Doing so will help you to see each day as an opportunity rather than a struggle. You must create these habits of success in order to continue moving forward towards your goal. They are key habits to sustain your motivation. Be healthy and be positive so that you are no longer an obstacle, and this will leave you ready to take on the world.

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