What We Can Learn From The Inspiring Individual Who Stops Teens from Fighting

stops teens from fighting


There are a lot of kids out in the world who are lost and go most of their lives misdirected.

Believe me, I know because I was one of those kids for a long time. For most of my childhood, I didn’t have an active male role model to guide me and help me learn things that most men learn throughout their lives. Instead, I had to learn from my own mistakes and apply the insight toward becoming the man I wanted to be. You can say I was one of the lucky ones because there are still a lot of kids out there who can’t say they learned from their mistakes.

As children, we don’t really know what we’re doing.

Our mentality is often molded by our environment. We imitate what we constantly see around us, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. We make impulsive decisions, and sometimes those decisions have dire consequences. As adults, we look at the decisions kids make today and brush it off with the phrase, “They’re just kids. They don’t know what they’re doing.” Though we might be right, they are just kids —what we seldomnly think about is that those same kids will one day be the future. Instead of justifying the idea of “kids being kids”, maybe we need to step in as adults to guide those who might not have positive role models in their own lives.

This video went viral a couple days ago of an inspiring individual who stops teens from fighting. As you can see, this gentlemen tried talking some sense into these young kids who were probably fighting over minuscule matters. If this man hadn’t stepped in who knows where the situation would’ve ended. Maybe the police would’ve gotten involved and we know how sticky that situation is right now. The fact that this person decided to not be a bystander by putting an end to the fighting and helped these two young people understand that they’re meant for more in life is simply beautiful. He even goes as far as giving them some insight on how their own “friends” may not really be their friends as they stand there laughing about the situation.

How many of us would’ve done the same?

This video have gotten over 42 million views in the last couple of days and because of this one small act people all over the world are thanking this gentleman for his act of kindness. Finally something positive sheds the light.

We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget about our youth. We forget about how important it is to shape their minds and help them grow into astute adults. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents who are actively involved in their development. That’s where we need to come in and help out the kids who don’t have that guidance at home.

Although there are many programs out there who try and help the youth, there’s only so much they can do. That’s where we need to step in  as individuals and make things right in order to create something positive so that all kids can witness the change.

If you have kids, siblings, students, etc. help them understand how volatile our world is and how important it is for them to educate themselves inside and outside of the classroom. Share your experiences with the youth so they understand where you come from, the more transparent you become the easier it is for kids to relate to you.

(Even Lebron James has something positive to say)

I’m glad this video went viral, maybe it’ll be a reawakening for some people. I’m tired of watching videos of people fighting without anyone intervening. Let’s make a change by not supporting irrelevant shit and actually making a difference in someone’s life. Kids need us in order to survive, it is a brutal world without the guidance of all of us.

And to the amazing individual who had the courage whom stops kids from fighting, we thank you for making a change!

Updated 03/25/17

The good samaritan Ali Miller gets honored by the Atlantic City council for breaking up the fight between Sheldon Ward and Jamar Mobley. During his speech he praises his mother for instilling character building values that has made him the man he is today.


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